About Everything and Nothing!!!

July 16th, 2014

Over here, wondering what to do to get more traffic to the blog, and on Facebook.. 😦

July 5, 2014

Just finished watching Season 2 of Arrow!!! I love that show… Is it because of Mr. Amell’s abs?? maybe..

My rant about the show: I totally want Arrow to hook-up with Felicity. I almost had a heart attack in the end and then.. BAM I was absolutely crushed :(.. I know, I know…. in the comic book they were never together…SO WHAT! The show is so not following the comic by heart, which is awesome.. I love the new path the characters are taking…. I simply adore the chemistry between Felicity and Ollie, and I love how she demonstrates her adoration… and she’s adorable and hot too!!!


July 6, 2014

Just went to watch Transformers! What is it about these movies that I love? EVERYTHING! I am a teenage boy trapped in the body of woman, seriously!

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