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REVIEW: Until Lilly, by Aurora Rose Reynolds (Until You #3)

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OMG, I loved it!

The Mayson brothers are back! Cash was sweet, hot and a source of quirky humor. Totally drool-worthy!

This is the third book of the Until You series, which follow the lives of four brothers who ultimately find their “Booms”! Yep, that is what their father calls it, when they find the one woman for them. We met Cash on book two; he is the youngest brother, a player just like the others immersed in a lifestyle of random hookups, never dating seriously. Until he meets Lilly.

The scene plays out while we read Trevor’s story, and we also find out how Cash leaves Lilly because Jules, one of his random hookups, gets pregnant (on purpose, of course). When I read that, I thought Cash couldn’t be dumber, but later on I understood. These men are loyal to the core, and Cash loved the child he created the minute he found out about it. Time goes by, Cash is now divorced from crazy ass Jules and one day he sees Lilly in a playground with her daughter… HIS daughter. Yep! The guy got two women pregnant within months and he had no idea  coincidence? You need to read it to find out!.

When I first started to read the series, I couldn’t avoid comparing the writing style, plot and “sound” of each character to those written by one of my favorite authors. That particular point kind of bothered me at first, but, after reading the second and now the third book, let me say something: I don’t care! Yes, these books are similar and they make me remember parts of books I’ve read previously, but they have their own quirkiness and voice. You definitely can’t help falling in love with these overbearing, in-your-face, no boundaries, dirty talking alpha males!

This is a story about second chances. About a man that won’t let love go away again, and he will do everything in his power to keep Lilly forever this time (In a true Mayson boy fashion).

I loved Lilly, she was a sweet, strong heroine. She was also a firecracker beneath and kept up with insatiable Cash *grins*. The children were also very sweet, Jax and Ashlyn bond from the start and, the family dynamic that encompasses the whole story is adorable! They end up building something they should have from the beginning; Lilly takes Jax as her own, like a true champion. Obviously, it wouldn’t be a true Mayson family book without drama. Jules just doesn´t give up, and keeps pestering everyone to the brink of insanity.

Now, on with the “negative” or the things I found troublesome:

1.-The children’s ages: I don’t believe for a second they acted their age; the things they did, the way they spoke, were definitely fit for older children (I have a six year old so I remember how he acted in his earlier years).

2.– The mention of Cash’s tattoos, it was weird. Like they miraculously appeared. Nothing was said about when he did it, and were never mentioned by Lilly when she described him.

3.– Several grammar errors and typos.

To conclude, I want to say that I recommend these books to all of you. I you like a story with strong alpha males, if you don’t mind such males to be demanding, overbearing and annoyingly sweet, go for it. And, if you are a (u know who) fan, then you can read these books while you go trough withdrawal, they help, a lot!!!

Review: Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley

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Broken Dove by Kristen Ashley10 stars!

Mammoth, huge, grand! And I don’t mean it in the word count sense. Broken Dove is E.P.I.C.!

The book starts off with an adrenalin pumping scary scene where other world Ilsa is in a precarious and even life threatening situation only to be saved, whisked off to Fantasyland world and almost immediately discarded by Apollo. A killing shot to the heart was delivered and it was dispensed by Apollo himself.

“Be careful what you wish for… you might get it… And not want it.”

But don’t despair, Ilsa was left in a Snow White-ish and the eight hunks on horseback Kristen Ashley style scenario where she is affectionately re-christened as Maddie by her hot guards and companions, where she not only forms bonds of friendship she also gets to know, understand and adjust to this new world, while feeling free and being able to take stock and make a new plan for her life.

When Apollo and Maddie reunite, it is clear to him she is not his departed Ilsa, coupled with his alpha male possessive nature that will not share, add a little of Valentine mischief and some Adela tea, sparks start flying and an different and even deeper love starts developing. But as with all relationships, there are obstacles to be overcome, situations in which Captain Kirk and Spock like wisdom is needed. Enter even more wonderful and side characters and Ashley comedy.

“Even Captain Kirk had chats with Spock and Bones.”

I know I’m being funny, but there’s no way I can’t be because in this book, Kristen Ashley gives us incredible characters who are humorous, loveable and sage, who feel deep friendship, loyalty, hurt and love, with a plot so big, badies so mean that the two main characters or even the supporting ones aren’t enough . In this book we get the whole enchilada. All the hunks, their incredible partners, cute babies and devoted friends are included.

In the end, we know “that love is priceless, love is worth every battle fought, every wound endured… Love is everything.” and we also get the promise of more!

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Review: Best Kind of Broken

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Best Kind of Broken
Best Kind of Broken by Chelsea Fine
My rating: 5 of 5 stars Buying Link—>

Received copy fron Netgalley in exchange for an honest review 🙂

A sweet NA story about friendship, love, loss and forgiveness. Characters are real, endearing and fun!

The story begins with bickering, rants and complaints! Two friends obliged to live next to each other in an Inn. Pixie and Levi have known each other for years; they’ve been best friends along with Levi’s sister Charity. From the very beginning, you can see the frustration and sexual tension between them. You feel how they are completely right for each other and the feelings they have for each other. The problem is, their friendship has been strained for almost a year, the reason: a tragedy that broke both of them.

I love how this book was written and the way it slowly unraveled bit by bit. It made feel the tension, the longing, and the bittersweet memories. Pixie was funny and lively; Levi was sexy, broken and adorable because he adored her to the core. The interactions with the rest of the characters were sufficient in order to understand and care for them too.

The first person dual POV was believable, you felt inside Pixie and Levi’s head at all times; it wasn’t overdone and it didn’t flood the pages with pointless and unnecessary metaphors/analogies. I don’t have a problem with more lyrical books but I truly believe that has to be left to third person books or narrations. (Are the terms correct?)

I truly recommend this NA read to any fan of the genre. I can’t wait for Kayla and Daren’s book, the preview seems good and the “cuffs’” incident near the end of this book was hilarious.

Totally Recommend it!

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Review: Masked Innocence

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Masked Innocence
Masked Innocence by Alessandra Torre
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Five sinful, dirty and mouthwatering Brad DeLuca stars!!! The wait for this sequel was definitely worth it.

This book picks up Brad and Julia’s story right where it was left off. Brad decided to have a committed relationship with Julia and, she accepts him along with the conditions set forth in order to keep his sexual proclivities utterly satisfied. Brad knows that he awoke something in her, that she is the woman he needs to keep around; he doesn´t want to be alone, but he doesn’t do love either, he was totally honest in that regard. Julia accepts him, even if she’s already fallen in love with him; she already knows Brad is the one for her and she is open to discover more of her sexuality, and Brad’s world.

What can I say? Yes, this book is scorching hot, perverse to some extent, but I did not find it smutty. Why? Well, because the plot is amazingly developed around all that heat! There is a real connection between Brad and Julia (even when for my taste, little time has passed), their conversations are amusing, intelligent and mature; their banter is so cool. I loved how Julia, even when she’s almost twenty years younger than Brad, manages to engage, tease and entice him. She makes the right questions, she is interested in his lifestyle and everything surrounding them and she respects boundaries. I really liked her, and since book one, I can say she is strong and a perfect match for Brad.

Brad DeLuca is another story. The man is just drool worthy and super sexy. I love how he is completely forward, frank and open about his tastes, sexual needs and the women in his past. He doesn’t beat around the bush and he definitely goes after what he wants. Julia is the first woman to tempt him this much, he really wants things to work out with her, that he even promises to be faithful. What he doesn´t realize is that he is actually falling for her too.

“I am a man of my word, and ready to commit fully to you. With the obvious exception.” -Brad
“The exceptions being our group sex partner, not random women you screw on the side.” -Julia

“I fell for the feisty, smart-ass Julia that calls me on my shit. But I’m owned by the vixen that you become behind closed doors.” –Brad

“You are someone I could fall in love with.” –Brad

The turns and twists in the story had me gapping more than once. Oh, I did, not see all of that coming and I LOVED it. The plot developed nicely and it gave us the opportunity to see Brad’s protective side, his family and the secrets behind the man. And well, in the end, I can just say that when the man commits he does it with style and gives it all. Julia’s response, the way she handles everything, I absolutely loved her!!

To conclude, I just need to praise Alessandra’s writing. The style has everything, real and believable feelings and thoughts from Julia’s first person POV, she gave us her perspective and also a lyrical voice without exaggerating. The third person parts were great and provided enough information to keep you on edge. And the sex scenes *fans self* were absolutely superbly written. There were enough scenes so, I can tell everyone the book is not just page after page of solely sex.. Nope…; there were several moments where I had to take a break.. Yep… not cool!! But in the end what really mattered was the plot: Julia and Brads growth as a couple; the suspense twist.

I can´t wait to read End of Innocence!!!

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