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STINGER, by Mia sheridan

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A beautiful story of how love conquers time and distance and bridges completely different worlds and perspectives.

Carter Stinger is a fly by the seat of his pants, have no plan, live in the moment, straight male performer (porn star for those of us too innocent to get it at first) who believed he only had his body to offer and it was all he ever gave.

Grace Hamilton was a straight laced law student with every minute of her life planed, no deviations were even considered, until she got stuck with her complete opposite and was required to interact with him. This chance opportunity made them realize that despite their differences, they could learn and help each other grow and be better and happier people.

But circumstances weren’t on their side the first time around, can they make it when fate brings them back together?

I was totally hooked from the start even when at first glance I might have thought this was just a romantic comedy kind of story. Especially since their back and forth was great. It started from the first words they exchanged and it didn’t relent. I LOVED it when it was snippy, when it was sexy, but especially when it was both.

“I’m the kind of girl who wants to get married in a big, white dress…I want to wait a year and then I want to start trying for the two kids that we’ll eventually have, a girl and a boy…”
“How did we make those two kids?”
“Uh, you might want to re-thing your career choice if you don’t know-“
“What I mean is, what positions did we make our two kids in? Doggy Style? Backwards Cowgirl…?”
“You’re disgusting.”
“You’re the one who had my baby. Twice.”

It was also incredibly hot, steamy and sexy and I’m sure it was because their connection morphed from just physical to very emotional. I’m sure the communication between them was factor in their fast developed relationship as well as their honesty with themselves and each other.

“I really like how you make me feel – like if you looked at me every day, the way you’re looking at me right now, I could do anything, be anything, be more— Carson to Grace
“I like how you make me feel, how you make me laugh and have fun, and feel more alive than I’ve ever felt before.”— Grace to Carson

And in dropping his I have no care in the world mask, Carson showed Grace his very sweet side from the very start.

“Why do you call me buttercup?”
“Maybe it’s because you’re as pretty as a flower.”

I’m afraid to keep reading through my notes and highlights because there was so much that I liked. And what I’ve covered so far is just the beginning, because life got in their way and it was as heartbreaking experience. But they were so affected by this one weekend encounter that as I mentioned before, it also gave them a second chance.

Needless to say Carson goes straight to my top book boyfriend list and Stinger by Mia Sheridan goes to my favorite collection.

It should also be mentioned that even though this is the third book in the A Sign of Love series, it is a standalone.

(Review by LDM)

Making Faces, by Amy Harmon

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If could give this book 10 stars I would do it without hesitation. This is probably one of the best books I’ve read this year.

Touching, riveting, adorable, endearing, captivating. A book you can’t put down and draws you in from the start. A true statement to the meaning of love, affection, friendship and true beauty.

I started reading this book when I saw the good ratings it had, and the recommendations from bloggers I follow. I was not disappointed and frankly, I agree with all the high ratings and continuous praises.

I finished the book, and decided it needed a review that would do justice to the feelings that arose in me. So here is my best attempt to do just that.

Fern is just an ordinary girl, a cute, funny and awkward red head living in Hanna Lake, Pennsylvania. Daughter of a Pastor, born late in their marriage, a miracle and a blessing to her parents. She feels ugly, she loves romance novels, she has a big heart, she loves her cousin Bailey, and she’s been in love with Ambrose Young since she was 10 years old.

“If God makes all our faces, did he laugh when he made me?”.

Ambrose Young has everything: good looks, great body, great friends; he is an extraordinary wrestler and a future full of promises awaits him at the end of his senior year, he is Hercules. He knows Fern but never gave a second glimpse at her, he just sees her as the little red head who’s always hanging around the gym with Coach Sheen’s son, Bailey, who is in a wheel chair and happens to be her cousin. Until the day he got to know her inner thoughts and therefore the kind of girl she is, he keeps her on his mind for a very long time.

“Everybody who is somebody becomes nobody the moment they fail”.

Life decisions are made, tragedy arrives and lots of changes unravel a story of redemption, love and finding the true meaning and the true blessings in life.

I thought this book was brilliant, and beautifully written. I have to say that we don’t have two main characters, nope, we have three because this story wouldn’t be the same, without beautiful Bailey in it. A true statement when I say: Bailey Sheen will forever be in my heart and He will always have a place on my top ten fictional characters list.

I really liked how Amy Harmon mixed, present and past, how the memories and pivotal events in our characters’ lives took place, and the true meaning behind each and every experience they went through. My heart ached for Ambrose, my heart ached for the families that suffered such losses; my heart ached for Fern, for the love and selflessness she always showed to everyone around her. And my heart ached, melted and got overthrown with joy every time I read about Bailey.

Yes, the book made me cry countless times, yes I was crying like a baby near the end, so much that the lines blurred and I stained my e-reader. And yes I was happy with the ending, yes we got our HEA, bittersweet and lovable.

I have to warn you, if you are looking for heat between the sheets, if you expect to read a steamy scene, you’ll be waiting forever. And truth be told I didn’t even notice, I didn’t need it because when you are reading something like this, all is implicit, all is there, and the feelings are what counts…. Don’t get me wrong, I totally would have cheered for sexier scenes between Fern and Ambrose, but… you can’t always get what you want!

I have so much to say about this book but, honestly I can’t do it without giving away the story. Well done Amy and thank you for sharing your thoughts, your knowledge and the joy you seem to carry on in life
“There isn’t heartache if there hasn’t been joy. I wouldn’t feel loss if there hadn’t been love. “.

“It always amazes me how people are placed in our lives at exactly the right times. That’s how God works, that’s how he takes care of his children.”

“There is a lot I don’t understand… but not understanding is better than not believing.”

“True beauty, the kind that doesn’t fade or wash off, takes time. It takes pressure. It takes incredible endurance. It is the slow drip that makes the stalactite, the shaking of the Earth that creates mountains, the constant pounding of the waves that breaks up the rocks and smooth the rough edges. And from the violence, the furor, the raging of the winds, the roaring of the waters, something better emerges, something that would otherwise never exists.”

Review: Take This Regret

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Take This Regret
Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A lovely, poignant story about second chances.

I you want to read a heartwarming story about undying love, regret and forgiveness, give this a shot.

I had difficulty coming to terms with Christian’s actions, but, in the end my heart wept for him too. I loved the family based support, the friendships and the adorable little girl Lizzie.

I want to read the next chapter in the story, but I am not fond of more drama between these two. I would have liked and epilogue better. I will read it, but later on!!!

Great story.

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Review: Mad Love

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Mad Love
Mad Love by Colet Abedi
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

*I received a copy via Netgalley in exchange of honest review*

Mad Love…. Mad Story…or drove me Mad Love

I tried. I would have liked the book if the story had been handled differently. What was the problem you may ask? My answer: The main characters.

Sophie Walker is a 23-year-old woman that turned her life upside down. She decided to change and do what she really loves, against her parents’ wishes… good for her. She then goes on vacation to the Maldives… to that famous hotel with the water Huts/bungalows in order to find herself, and forget about her “failures”. She is not alone though, her best friend Erik and his partner Orie go with her. As soon as Sophie arrives, she sees a gorgeous guy and INSTA-LOVE! With sexy English dude Clayton.. *huge eye roll*

You see, insta-love sometimes works for me, there are stories where it is handled in such a way you feel the connection between characters believable; you get to see them together for a few days, even a week and then things progress from there. This book did not do it for me for several reasons and I will try to explain thoroughly.

First of all, Sophie’s personality. Yep, I did not like her; she was weak, annoying, immature, unrealistically naïve; needed too much reassurance therefore insecure as hell and, to top all that she was a virgin. I don’t mean to say that being a virgin at 23 is bad, I know a lot of women like that, even older and they are perfectly fine, works for me, it’s OK. The bad part here is the way it is handled. The first half of the book is centered on EVERYONE saying something about it: her friends, the masseuse/healer, Clayton; she gets embarrassed about it and acts like a freaking teenager around it. I got tired of everyone saying Oh! your innocence, you’re innocent, etc… yadda yadda *yawns*.

Then, the second half of the book centers around her giving up the V-card (which was actually pretty awesome BTW), at least the scene and the way it happens is very romantic, any girl would want her first time like that, I’m sure. But, there is always a big but…. After all that, she kept doubting herself, doubting Clayton; her insecurities obscured her good judgment to a moronic point. And to top it all, the book ends with a cliffhanger in the most ridiculously clichéd way EVER! My everlasting complaint.. Why authors keep giving us IDIOTS for heroines, have they never heard the phrase “ask before you judge”, “don’t jump to conclusions without hearing the facts”, “there is always two sides to a story”. NO, you get the idiot who assumes the worse and does something stupid, idiotic and completely unreal.

Second issue: Clayton a broody, possessive, cryptic, hot and freaking rich character. Falls for Sophie by just looking at her and wants her immediately. He pursues her for a little over 24hrs until she obviously caves. He finds out she is a virgin right from the start and that made me feel uncomfortable. Why? Because after he find out, the I want you behavior felt kind of predatory, stalker-ish and creepy; like I want to deflower the girl and no one will stop me, not even her…. Even if I am 11 years older. He didn’t give away much about himself, his personality was off the charts, I just couldn’t love him…

And then there was this scene, totally unnecessary, totally ridiculous.. I just didn’t fit so soon in the story…exes drama…. *pulls hair* I am not going there aghhh.

The ONLY redeemable quality of this book is the friendship. Erick and Olie are sweethearts and I loved how they cared for Sophie, especially Erick.. I loved their backstory and fell for them instantly. Just near the end, they should have been the voice of reason but hey failed me… it was like WTF?

Anyway, the book has good ratings overall and lots people liked it. It was not my cup of tea, It just felt forced and with an urgency to write about what all others are writing about the rich possessive dude, and the innocent twenty-something…

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