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Trouble Release

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Trouble Release Day

by P.L. Jenkins

Publication Date: September 29th, 2014. TODAY!!
Genres: Contemporary, Romance

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Lannie Clark was the most popular girl in her high school. She had it all. Every guy was at her beck and call, and every girl wished they were her. Her senior year was going to be the most memorable senior year ever, as long as she had her bestie, Ashley, by her side. That was until she ran into Mr. Jones on the first day of Senior year. Nothing would ever be the same after their two worlds collided together. Will Lannie ever have her life back together? Would her world ever get turned back upright after meeting Mr. Jones? Find out as you’re taken away with every turn of the page in Trouble! 

About P.L. Jenkins

I am a mother of two boys Landon who is 7yrs old and Kyler who is 5yrs old. I have a wonderful husband who is my rock and supports me no matter what. We have been amrried for almost 8yrs. I have worte my first novel and is due to be released via Ebook Feb 28th. I have lots more writing and releasing for the year <3.

Review: One Funeral

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One Funeral
One Funeral by Kat Bastion
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A fabulous story of a non-dating but committed relationship between two delightful characters set to a simmering slow burn that constantly threatens to boils over. This wonderfully sweet and patient courtship is a breath of fresh air in today’s world of instant gratification.

One funeral starts right where No Weddings left off when Cade and Hannah decide to take their friendship further. But there is a lot at stake and their past still has its ugly claws in a tight hold, especially Hannah’s.

But even when emotionally handicapped, they certainly make up for it in imagination, resourcefulness and most of all, determination and the knowledge that anything worth having is worth the effort.

Cade and Hannah decide to forego the pressures of dating and just get to know one another more in their own non-dating fashion. And even they weren’t exactly dating, it certainly didn’t mean they pushed aside their attraction.

“…for things to progress from non-dating to non-sex we have to increase the rate of exposure until vibration occurs.”

Though at times it seemed they went at a snail’s pace, I enjoyed the unhurried nature of their developing connection. There was no drama, no angst, only a fun, easy and certainly a flirty back and forth between them. The anticipation only helped “ratchet up the building tension.” The pull between them almost visible and taut as a bow string, and Cade and Hannah were not shy about it.

“So to clarify the details, if I have to lift and hold your petticoats while you pee, will you lift and hold something when it’s my turn?”
“I am not holding… there’s no way I’m touching…”
“My massive… That’s right, Hannah. We both know you want to, now. I hope it’s the only thing you think about all night… To adventures together no matter where we go. Most especially in the bathroom.”

Even though we didn’t get a peek at Cade’s inner musings, we did get a sampling of all his complex layers. From his vulnerable heart

“Let’s promise not to non-date anyone else.”
My lips twitched. “So we’re exclusively non-dating.”

To his savvy academic and business persona, his inner caveman made an appearance or two, to the incredibly sweet man that seemed to know exactly what Hannah needed and was willing to give anything and everything to her in order to get her to the right frame of mind where they could be completely together.

“The longer I know you, the more I want everything you want. Your dream became my dream, and I wanted to make it happen for you.”

I also admired Hannah’s strength and courage. I was a bit worried about this part. Having such a great time in Cade’s head in the last book, I wasn’t sure if Hannah would be able to carry the complete story as well Cade had. But Kat and Bastion develop this tale brilliantly showing us not just how Hannah dealt with her issues, but her open and honest communication, her wit and the way she appreciated Cade. The later giving her a golden heroine star in my book. Because seeing him through her eyes was even more swoon worthy than just having him say beautiful words, which he also did.

“The amazing man who had gone from acquaintance to best friend to… so much more… was real and true and in my arms. Confident and determined, he’d seen my weaknesses and embraced them. He’d taken note of my obstacles and seized the opportunity to help me overcome them.” ~ Hannah

“The only woman I see, the only woman I want, is you.” ~ Cade

Of course there were also the great dinners, event planning and social gatherings with the rest of gang that rounded out and completed the story.

“I have a way with the ladies. Always show up with at least a foot, wide and firm.” ~ Ben, talking about bread.

I also got lost in the sensory echoes and diverse imagery that the beautifully rich descriptions provided.

And before I finish this review, I’m going spoil you a bit. For those of you who were worried that the waiting thing was overrated and Cade and Hannah would never reach their boiling point? They do. And it was worth it.

“You’re the best thing I’ve ever waited for.”~ Cade

I adore this couple and how they decided to take a leap of faith together.

“We’re like kindergarten buddies. We’re not allowed to cross the street unless we’re holding hands. Only ours isn’t a busy intersection. It’s more like an emotional obstacle course.”

Cade Michelson has now officially become part of my book boyfriends. And if you can’t tell I highlighted this book like crazy. I wish I could share all the great quotes and moments that touched me. The good news is you don’t have to wait long and I can’t wait to read the next book in Kat and Stone Bastion’s No Wedding series.

I recommend this series (it must be read in order though) to anyone who enjoys romance in the form of an unstoppable flow of magma that alters foundations with its slow, “devastating and all consuming” course.

* I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review by Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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Review: It’s in His Kiss

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It's in His Kiss
It’s in His Kiss by Jill Shalvis
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

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It’s funny, sassy, steamy and swoony. It’ll draw you in with the sexy, loveable and peculiar residents of the small town the story is developed in named Lucky Harbor.

This is my first Jill Shalvis novel and it certainly will not be my last. I loved the character development, the beautiful writing, the witty banter and most of all the touching story about learning to trust and love.

“I’ve had the words all my life and they meant nothing. I thought love was in the showing.”

Becca Thorpe wants an escape from her life, and luckily finds herself in Lucky Harbor. She plans staying a short time there but after meeting “sexy grumpy surfer” dude, she may decide to stay longer.

“I think you’re all hard crusted, on the outside but you don’t scare me because I know the truth.”
“And what’s that?”
“That on the inside you’re soft and gooey.”

Sam Brody had a rough childhood, but has thrived and carved a good life for himself where his livelihood is hardly a shore enabling him to do what he loves and mostly be alone. “His favorite state.” That is until tough-girl Becca barges in his man-cave, his life and his heart.

Their attraction is palpable. But Sam was careful with his emotions keeping people at arm’s length and Becca was cautious with her secrets and the past mess she left behind. They were both a bit broken but as they spend time together through their undefined relationship they find they also needed each other.

“He had a key to everything, including her heart.”

The only thing that irked me about their relationship is that after a night of hot passion, Becca starts to work for Sam, which prompts him to give her a choice: the job or him. She takes the job and ignores the ultimatum. While in each other’s lives the chemistry is unavoidable so they’re still touching, kissing, exchanging desire filled stares but no more. It bothers me that she’s so available to him that she enables him to hide from his emotions.

“I want to date you, you big, stubborn lug. But you don’t want to date me back. You have all these… Stupid rules.”
“No, just the one and it’s to protect you.”

I was very pleased with Jill’s well accomplished romance writing, from the tough but sweet heroine, the “over protective sharp alpha,” to the rest of the story and characters which invite to know more of. I can’t wait to read about Sam’s business partners and friends.

* I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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Teaser Tuesday for L.H. Cosway’s Killer Queen

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Killer Queen Teaser Tuesday



Publication Date: October 20, 2014 
Author: L.H. Cosway

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Willkommen, Bienvenue, Welcome…

Come inside The Glamour Patch club to see the star of our show, Miss Vivica Blue.

Do you want to read my diary you nosy little devils? Have a glass of champagne (you’ll need it) and get comfortable because you’re in for some crazy shenanigans brought to you straight from the horse’s mouth.

I can be whatever you want me to be: boy, girl, a little bit of both.

If you have a problem with a man in a dress then best be off with you. If males in make-up give you the willies, then I’ll say au revoir and don’t let the door hit you on the way out.

So, who are we left with? Ah, a fine collection of curious souls. I want to tell you a tale of love, because those are the most glorious kind. I want to tell you about real love, a love that transcends labels and gender stereotypes.

The moment I first laid eyes on my Freda I knew that we were kindred. Well okay, I also knew I wanted to get into her pants, but that’s beside the point. My world was a grey place. I was at my lowest ebb. Then she came along and patches of colour began to spring forth. One day the daffodils were yellow and before I knew it, colour was everywhere, lighting up my life.

Love is not about how we appear on the outside, it’s about the soul contained within.

Our story was not a conventional one, but it was ours, and that’s what made it shine.

Killer Queen is a companion novel to L.H. Cosway’s contemporary romance, Painted Faces. It contains scenes that take place before, during and after the original story. It can also be read as a standalone

Review: Rock Courtship

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Rock Courtship
Rock Courtship by Nalini Singh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
Nalini gives us exactly what she advertises and more, a sweet, sexy and swoon worthy courtship rocker style.

There were very diverse opinions regarding Rock Addiction, the first book in the Rock Kiss series. Mainly because it’s a complete departure from Nalini’s well established paranormal romance genre. But her character development is excellent in whatever trope she writes in, and upon meeting Thea and David in the first installment I knew I would want to know more and wasn’t disappointed.

I loved Schoolboy Choir’s drummer because he wasn’t just “talented and bone-melting sexy.” There was so much more of him to love. He was sweet and funny, a loyal, caring son and brother. And he was smart enough to know how to get to the heart of Thea.

“The Dammn man had figured out her weak point and he’d aimed his missile right at it: her mind.”

rock courtship teaser 2

Thea is a strong and independent woman. But she’s also warm and caring and rarely vulnerable. They are perfect together.

We know they’ve know each other for years. They’ve developed a caring, supportive friendship along with a smooth working relationship. But Thea doesn’t know that David has loved her from afar since they met. And now that he feels the time is right he’s determined to get the woman of his dreams no matter that he’ll need to brush up on his maddening memo writing skills combining tenderly sweet and decadently sexy.

“Second… I have been told I have good teeth. Therefore, I’m not physically deficient…
Third, I think you’re hot… I’m particularly turned on by your mind and your legs… you should see the fantasies I have of seducing your mind with my words while I stroke my hands over your legs…”

Even though this is a novella, the pace and development was excellent. Because while I enjoyed the steamy parts, I also liked that these two characters developed a deep, easy and happy connection in which the give and take was even and gave way to good communication and openness to help get through the pressures of their professions.

“Then I saw you… No one else would do. Only you.”

Nalini did a great wonderful job with this story and even though I have no clue who’s next I’m eager to know more about the rest of the School Choir bad boys.

* I was given an ARC of this book by the author for an honest review. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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Review: Beautiful Bride

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Beautiful Bride
Beautiful Bride by Tammy Falkner
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I truly love novellas between my favorite books and I utterly love the Reed brothers, so you can guess this short story was a wonderful surprise. Beautiful Bride isn’t just the next novella to Tammy Falkner’s Reed Brothers series. It isn’t just precursor to Zip, Zero, Zilch (Sam’s story). It’s a beautiful glimpse at and chance to catch up with all the brothers, how they keep helping each other out, and YES there’s a wedding in it too because this is the continuation of what happened in Only One from the brother’s POV.

Pate and Reagan in an act of heart shattering empathy towards their vacationing neighbors give up their wedding to them. But that doesn’t mean they’re not tying themselves to each other in every possible way. At least that’s what they thought they wanted.

This short story from multiple points of view includes hilarious banter,

“But I’m the best man!”
“Who asked you to be the best man?”
“Dude, we shared a womb. Of course I’m the best man.”

playful and steamy time (when the kids are strategically taken care of)

I look down at PJ. “I hope you have a full tummy, dude, because I don’t have any boobies for you.” He burps again and his little eyes close.

so much love

“You had my heart long before you probably wanted it, and I hope you hold it forever.”

and OMG a cliffhanger leading to Sam’s story.

It doesn’t matter whether the book is short or full length, Tammy’s writing always gives us the devotion, solidarity and unshakable ties that exist between the Reed brothers and their family that make each publication earnest, heartfelt and completely addicting. And Beautiful Bride gives us a plethora of emotions while showcasing everyone and I do mean everyone.

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Review: Uncivilized

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Uncivilized by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It will lure you in with its raw and blatant eroticism, but it will keep you captivated by the smart, domineering yet vulnerable man out of place and the strength and care of a woman determined to love him just as he is: Uncivilized.

“Zacharias Easton… a boy who was taken from his home… a man who was taken from his life. They are both a part of who you are. But please don’t ever forget, my beautiful man… that you have the opportunity now to be whoever you want to be. That will always be solely in your control.”

Zach Easton has lived the past eighteen years in the Amazonian jungle, but he’s not a native and Dr. Moira Reed has been hired to bring him back.

Being in a place that gives him daily excitement, where he takes what he wants, when he wants it grant him contentment with his life and makes Dr. Reed’s job a real challenge because he clearly doesn’t want to leave the place he calls home even when the attraction between them is instant and unmistakable.

Zach has a raw sensuality and commanding presence, but out of his element he is also innocent and a bit naïve, but above all he’s “a man that makes his own rules.”

“In fact, I would love to drag you back with me, so you’d be available to my whim whenever I wanted you. I’d never let you wear a stitch of clothing again, and your knees and your pussy would be so sore from the working I’d give them every day. But then I’d put my tongue back between your legs and soothe away every bit of the sting I had left behind.”

It was interesting and fun to see our modern world through Zach’s eyes. He took important matters seriously,

“Too many people and too much technology. Your life here is actually stunted to some degree because of that.”

but he also spent a lot of time learning, with the help of Internet (which was also very funny), a lot of things that, through him, seem comically shocking.

“…that’s another new word I learned today. Fuck. I like it. So many uses for just one, little word.”

Moira was a great heroine, with enough patience to accomplish the job she was hired for: to help Zach adjust not change. But also smart, confident, sensual and knowing herself to be exactly what they both need.

“I don’t want him to do something he’s not comfortable with. Yet, I can’t be the one that bends to his every whim either. I’m not built that way.”

I loved Sawyer’s writing in this book, it was laced with beautiful vibrant descriptions of the people and places she was presenting. She made me smile, laugh, fan myself repeatedly and swoon. There wasn’t a part of this modern day Tarzan story (for grownups) I didn’t like.

It’s a very hot, sexy story about the heart, about a man who felt lost and confused in the new world he was taken to. I felt my heart constrict on more than one occasion because it was very easy to empathize with him and yearn for a simpler life just like him. But it was heartwarming to see him thrive and find his footing and never loose himself in the process.

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