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Review: Fantastical

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Fantastical by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

It has everything from a Disney movie beginning…


It has a strong female lead, a sexy hot prince with an alternate world equally good and hot double, to an evil she-god with flare for the evil and dramatic.

This third installment of the Fantasyland series had everything and yet it lacked something. May be it’s because I’m used to Kristen Ashley giving us so much, that in this book, I missed having the interactions and bonds with supporting characters.

May be it’s because I’m so used to Kristen Ashley giving us lengthy stories. I think Kristen has a borg keyboard implant that sends her brain a message along the lines of “you will write long and great books, resistance is futile” that I felt Fantastical, as Fantastic as it was, it was on the short side.

Perhaps it’s because I didn’t like Tor for the better part of the book. He was a bit of an asshole upfront at first and then pretending to believe Cora the Great. I understand that there was not a good relationship with Cora the Horrible, in fact it was awful. And he didn’t know or believe Cora the Bomb because what she explained was out of his world, but I agree with her and her damaged heart because.

“… you can’t tell me that she’s capable of carrying off that kind of deception for that long. When I arrived, everything about her had changed, I hope. Everything. Even the way she slept. And you cannot tell me that you covered my body with yours… and didn’t know the bloody difference.”

Even so, the story is great. There’s sweet along with swoon and a happily ever after. Did I forget to mention a cool appearance from the previous books’ characters?

”You were the only thing I had but you were the only thing I needed.”

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Review: The Golden Dynasty

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The Golden Dynasty
The Golden Dynasty by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The road from dark and frightening, gritty and savage to honey sweet happiness seemed totally impossible. I was having a lot of trouble reading this book because in all honesty, at times my lungs constricted, my heart seized and my stomach turned. But a) this is a Kristen Ashley book, so I knew it would take a turn for the better and b) my friend told me “open yourself up a little, not everything has to be the same, hearts and flowers, etc. When a story is well written it’s worth enduring some torture before getting to the very VERY sweet.” So I did that and I got to the incredibly golden honey sweet part and by the end I was holding back joy filled tears.

I usually talk more about the hero than the heroine. I’m a girl who loves strong, sexy, alpha males. Not that Lanh isn’t one, because he is, but in this case I have to say, Circe was wow! I may or may not have a girl crush on her. She’s smart, sweet, brave, strong, she leads with her heart, she is everything Lanh needed and never thought wanted.

“I could not dream a better you… a better wife, a better queen. No t even in a dream could I create better than you.”

And Lanh, even though “he was a savage, no doubt about it,” he’s also an astute, roasted marshmallow. I actually said that! He’s charred and coarse on the outside but inside, yummy gooey sweetness. Of all his considerable and long list of attributes, his cunning and thoughtfulness are my favorite because through these, his barbaric and primitive culture didn’t hinder him from being tender and soft and when face with the challenge of winning Circe’s heart.

“my Lanh won that battle… He is my king, he is my warrior, he is my husband and I am proud to say above all… he is mine.”

The book’s plot revolves mainly around the horrific and unimaginable circumstances Circe faced when she realized her life had taken an unexplainable turn to an alternate world where not only was language a barrier, the cultural difference was shocking. But again, she took stock and together with new friends and a king determined to make her his, they found their way to happiness.

I don’t think I’ve done this book justice. I loved it. It’s worthy of reading, re-reading and then reading it all over again. After putting it down I felt just like Circe.

I missed my scary, savage brute, king of a marauding horde in another universe husband. How whacked was that?

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Review: Wildest Dreams

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Wildest Dreams
Wildest Dreams by Kristen Ashley
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Oh my gods! 4.5 stars because I need more! An epilogue!

Life was meant to be lived, every breath was a gift, every risk was worth taking.

Since this is the first book in the series, you may or may not be a Kristen Ashley(KA) fan, but I most certainly am. If you’re new, then let me tell you you’re in for an adventure beyond your Wildest Dreams, if not, you know what you’re in for.

There is no doubt in my mind that KA could be asked to write any type of genre and would do wonderfully, including writing about elves and flying, fire breathing dragons. Which is exactly what this book is about. Of course it doesn’t revolve around them exclusively; no, the book is about adventure, one big one taken upon Finnie to a parallel world where she finds her destiny, also known as Frey Drakkar master of said elves and dragons.

Kristen’s writing style is stamped in all her books. She takes the time to describe beautiful landscapes, scenery, castles galleons and cool-as-shit captain’s cabin all of it straight out of a movie; she introduces us not just to the main characters but funny and endearing secondary ones which you keep wanting to know about.

And she’s a master in the feelings department, which is the thing I like the most but struggle with equal measure. She makes us feel Frey and Finnie’s incredible love for each other, which in this case is the stuff of fairy tales and legends. But when you open your heart to feelings that run so deep, there’s also the risk that not all of those feelings will make you feel warm and fuzzy. Some, will make you hurt just as profoundly, but the end is totally worth it.

I haven’t said much about this book, but I thinki I’ve said enough.

”It was beyond anything I could have wished it to be. You are, my wee Finnie, beyond my wildest dreams.”




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This book has the same problem as the first one, only for me it was worse… YOU GET HUNGRY!!!! but now you want DESSERT!!!!!

Cara and Shane!!! Nice couple! even though they married within 4 hours of meeting, and they were DRUNK!!!

Cara is as uptight as you can imagine, a controller and manager of people and situations, (which is great for her job) but there is always another side to every coin, a side she hides very well from every one, since she fears the loss of love from her family if they know the truth.

Shane also has a secret! a secret he has carried for a long time! and now is the one thing keeping him from getting everything he has dreamed of,and has always been afraid of getting.

As with the first book in this series, food is quintessential for everything, its woven so intricately that you cannot separate the characters from the food and viceversa!

But in this book, you get a little more of an insight in to the psychology of the characters, since Cara manages an eating disorder, and Shane tries to overcome an abusive father.

Each one has it’s demons, but eventually they find that together the manage not only to live by, but to flourish in the things they do best.

The family, a wonderful clan, is supportive and a great picture of what a family is all about!

This book, could be a five star book if at the end KATE MEADER WOULD PUT UP SOME OF THE MOUTH WATERING RECIPES SHE DESCRIBES!!! 

Kate: consider it!! Please? 

Another great book by Kate Meader! Also funny, witty, sensual and sharp.

Review: Still Life with Strings

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Still Life with Strings
Still Life with Strings by L.H. Cosway
My rating: 5 of 5 stars


A beautiful story about tragedy, fate and love written in a symphony of sensory stimulus. I liked Cosway’s writing style within the first few paragraphs. But I wasn’t prepared to be transported into a Mary Poppins kind of world where reality collides with fantasy through Jade’s very imaginative eyes and lyrical inner thoughts.

Jade, Still Life with Strings’heroine, is a twenty six year old “recovering alcoholic, orphan, responsible for two wayward teenagers” that moonlights and sometimes daylights as a living statue to supplement her income. One night a beautiful and mysterious man invites her to get a drink. In a bold and uncharacteristic move on her part she gives into attraction and temptation propositioning him while thinking she’ll never see him again.

“I think I might have dreamt you,” he breathes… What a romantic thing to say to a woman who let you shag her just minutes after you just met.

Their attraction and initial surrender is just the beginning. Little do they know at the time that they’ll be seeing each other almost on a daily basis because they’ll be working in the same concert hall. Despite what some may see as unlikely given their very different backgrounds and upbringing, they also form a tight friendship. And together, friendship and irresistible magnetism, are the perfect ingredients for a very palpable connection that frightens Jade to her core. Will she let her past dictate her future? Or will she risk her heart for love in this compelling story that seamlessly includes music and sensual scenarios of living art and music, tragic and hurtful pasts that somehow even magically seem to be destined to meet head-on.

He takes my hand, and on each finger spells out the word “touch.” Then he turns it over and writes “me” in the center of my palm. Wow. Does that mean he wants me to touch him? I look at him, and it’s like he can read the question in my head because he answers, “All the time.”

I didn’t just enjoy the story and how it was written. I also took pleasure reading about all the characters depicted. Jade felt very real and likeable in her life complications but also her forward and forthcoming attitude. Shane has a very spicy mix of male sexuality with an adorable shyness that made him incredibly appealing.

“Jade, that man seriously wants to Channing all over your Tatum.”

This book provided an array of emotions which I will gladly and most likely revisit.

** I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from Netgalley. The excerpts are from that copy. **

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Hot in the kitchen is definitely correct!!!

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heat in the kitchenThere is one BIG PROBLEM with this book: YOU GET HUNGRY!!!!Definitely worth the time to read. Meader has a way with words and situations, that keep you interested through out all the book,even though the end is pretty predictable, the twists and turns in the book generally with food that sounds to die for, keep you glued to the book.Funny situations, witty banter, and did I mention food?? It’s a very enjoyable read!

Jack is a very heavy personality with a lot of magnetism, and with a very busy schedule, but in comes Lili, a completely different girl from which he is accustomed, and turns his live, head, and heart upside down.

Lili, trying to come out on top of the whole family disappointment (that’s in her head) can’t really believe that Jack can actually like her.

Review: Price of a Kiss

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Price of a Kiss
Price of a Kiss by Linda Kage
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s funny, sweet and oh so swoony! A wonderful , heartfelt new adult story.

Linda Kage accomplished writing makes the time fly while you’re enjoying these two loveable and endearing characters.
While Reese is funny, witty and strong, Mason is noble, responsible, selfless and a total sweetie, oh! And did I mention he was hot?

”He was hotness exemplified. That was my new name for him, actually: Hoteness”

There was just one problem, he was a gigolo, but that didn’t affect their banter which was terrific; they constantly made me smile and laugh. I practically highlighted the entire book.

”You are so…”
He grinned. “Charming? Handsome? Intriguing?”
“I was going to say confusing.”
“Ahh.” He nodded in an astute manner. “We’ll slot that under intriguing.”

I ached for Mason from the start and was so glad he was given this totally likeable female lead who not only saw his alpha male physical features she got past it and saw his soul which made their relationship all the better.

This book definitely goes to my happy favorites.

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