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Forged in smoke

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I give it 4 out of 5 stars

This is the third book in the Red Hot SEALS  series.   And you definitely need to read the first two books to really understand and follow easily ( at first)  all the characters  and the plot.

But once you get the hang of it it’s a thrilling adventure. With its share of action adventure,  romance and a little bit of supernatural!!!!

Dr.  Faith Anselm is the lone survivor of a bombing and finds herself in a group of people she doesn’t know and can’t know for sure if she can share her secret.

Faith finds herself drawn to the same SEAL that rescued her,  the same one she’d seen months earlier at an airport.  The one that seems to be on the verge of a psychotic  breakdown.

Navy SEAL  Seth Rawlings is mortally wounded and revived by his friends,  but turns out he didn’t  return the way he left,  and so his friends start to question if he is mentally stable after seeing him yelling to himself!

The whole team is on the run from an unseen and unknown enemy,  but also find themselves with unusual alien.

The book is well written even though a first is a little confusing if you haven’t  read the other books.  But as the story evolves,  so does the characters and obviously the attraction between the main characters.

There are some very gentle moments as well as some very steamy scenes.

The end of the book came so suddenly I wondered if I had skipped a part, but it turns out it is just the end( or beginning of a relationship)  for Rawls and Faith,  but the overall arch of the story is not over.  So it’s not a cliffhanger per se because you do have some closure between the main characters,  but there are unresolved issues with the whole story,  so I’m definitely looking forward for the next book in the series!!!
I received an advanced copy via NetGalley  in exchange for an honest review.

Review: The Mating by Nicky Charles

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My rating is a 4 out of 5 stars.

I actually liked this book a lot. It’s book #1 of Law of the Lycans trilogy by Nick Charles. You can get the entire series (including the prequel and book 2.5) free on amazon right now. 

It’s paranormal romance, which I thought would be a just quick read, but it pleasantly surprised me.

The female lead, Eloise suddenly finds herself thrown in a marriage of convenience, since she is the daughter of an Alpha, and has to marry the Alpha of another pack forming an alliance. She accepts her fate with her head held high, but it’s very different from the future she envisioned for herself.

She finds herself married to a man she doesn’t know (instead of the man she thinks she loves), living in a house that isn’t hers with three other people and in a land she’s new to and that has its own set of problems, that keeps her new husband away.

The intrigue of what is happening in the land got me hooked. And of course there is always the big bad wolf, in this case its literally, the “other” woman interested in being the alpha’s wife, and the big company planing to buy land, are some of the thing Eloise has to deal with with.

It’s a story of intrigue and romance, but what I enjoyed the most is that the main characters did not fall in love instantly (which is something that usually happen) but they had to find some common ground, and they had to work a little to get to form a relationship besides a sexual one.

It’s endearing, sometimes a little bit exasperating because you know something bad is going to happen and it is slow to come, but in the end I was very happy with the way it all resolved itself.

Short sexy read!

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Image 3 out of 5 stars

A pretty hot and odd couple they make! A Lily-cat and a mechanic!!!

Lily, a perfectly poised 40 something woman with a career in advertising, exuding confidence, and obviously a control freak!

Raine, a 20 something hot mexican stud mechanic with a juvie past, but with enough experience with being look down upon to actually know a thing or two.

He is a natural dominant, and she is a natural submissive that had to learn to take control, of herself, and her environment, so when he tries to take control of the relationship, she is hesitant to relinquish it, but he can see what she wants, and actually understands her. The problem is if she is ever going to let go, to go after what she wants, instead of going after security!

The whole of the book, is how they are together, it’s a short book, with its amazing parts, it’s sweet parts, and its worrisome parts.

Everything is fine until the end, there is a threesome there, I don’t mind reading about a threesome, the problem here is the way that its achieved, I simply do not see how two guys vieing for the same girl will go to the extreme of sharing her and even kissing only to prove to the other guy or to the girl who is going to win, or to show her who is better, a head to head competition (pun intended).

The book could of done perfectly fine with out this scene, since it seems kind of forced, and kid of out of the blue.

* I received this ARC in exchange of an honest review


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This book has the same problem as the first one, only for me it was worse… YOU GET HUNGRY!!!! but now you want DESSERT!!!!!

Cara and Shane!!! Nice couple! even though they married within 4 hours of meeting, and they were DRUNK!!!

Cara is as uptight as you can imagine, a controller and manager of people and situations, (which is great for her job) but there is always another side to every coin, a side she hides very well from every one, since she fears the loss of love from her family if they know the truth.

Shane also has a secret! a secret he has carried for a long time! and now is the one thing keeping him from getting everything he has dreamed of,and has always been afraid of getting.

As with the first book in this series, food is quintessential for everything, its woven so intricately that you cannot separate the characters from the food and viceversa!

But in this book, you get a little more of an insight in to the psychology of the characters, since Cara manages an eating disorder, and Shane tries to overcome an abusive father.

Each one has it’s demons, but eventually they find that together the manage not only to live by, but to flourish in the things they do best.

The family, a wonderful clan, is supportive and a great picture of what a family is all about!

This book, could be a five star book if at the end KATE MEADER WOULD PUT UP SOME OF THE MOUTH WATERING RECIPES SHE DESCRIBES!!! 

Kate: consider it!! Please? 

Another great book by Kate Meader! Also funny, witty, sensual and sharp.

Hot in the kitchen is definitely correct!!!

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heat in the kitchenThere is one BIG PROBLEM with this book: YOU GET HUNGRY!!!!Definitely worth the time to read. Meader has a way with words and situations, that keep you interested through out all the book,even though the end is pretty predictable, the twists and turns in the book generally with food that sounds to die for, keep you glued to the book.Funny situations, witty banter, and did I mention food?? It’s a very enjoyable read!

Jack is a very heavy personality with a lot of magnetism, and with a very busy schedule, but in comes Lili, a completely different girl from which he is accustomed, and turns his live, head, and heart upside down.

Lili, trying to come out on top of the whole family disappointment (that’s in her head) can’t really believe that Jack can actually like her.