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Shacking Up
Shacking Up by Helena Hunting
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

There’s no two ways about it, Helena Hunting cracks me up! Shacking Up is fun entertainment wrapped up in a sexy package.

Ruby Scott doesn’t care about her father’s money. All she wants is a shot on Broadway and be able to pay the rent… and buy food. All she needs to do is get a stable paying job which she’s hopeful she’ll soon. But as luck would have it her audition goes disastrously wrong after waking up with the worst case of flu ever, and she knows exactly who’s to blame. The ridiculously gorgeous drunk stranger who coughed on her after kissing her silly the prior night.

“I feel like I should know your name already.”
“Well you’ve had your tongue in my mouth.”
“Do you know each other?”

I wave a hand in his direction. “That’s Awesome Kisser… This is the guy who kissed me and then coughed in my face.”

She’s not looking up cardboard boxes to live in yet as her best friend hatches a plan to get her a pet sitting job with ex-rugby player now hotelier mogul Bancroft Mills while he’s overseas on business. And the fact that he feel bad because he cost her the acting gig may even get her room and board until she’s able to afford her own place. When Bane comes back, can they figure out a way to co-exist after the heavy flirting and friendship they’ve developed while he was away?

This was a great read. I became a fan of Helena Hunting when she touched my heart with Clipped Wings and she solidified my fandom making my stomach hurt from laughing with Pucked. She’s mastered the art of combining hilarity with sexy romance and charming characters that make Shacking Up a story you’ll enjoy from start to finish.

I loved both Ruby and Bane. Even though her life is in shambles I could only respect her for wanting to stand on her own two feet and succeed at what she loves. After his rugby career is over due to injury he accepts his role in his family’s business with great responsibility, but what I liked most about his is that he’s just a nice guy with very exotic pets.

The relationship between Ruby and Bane is a fun slow burn. Their banter is witty, the chemistry is hot and I loved that they started out becoming friends through sexy video chats, phone calls and text. And the cherry on top was Francesca, the illegal in NY ferret, who kind of stole the show at times with her adorableness.

Shacking Up is a standalone romantic comedy by Helena Hunting. It is lighthearted, full of humor and fun with a great mix of sexual tension that is sure to make you laugh and smile. Another great addition to her book collection. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book via NetGalley. The excerpts taken from that copy. Images are from pinterest. *

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