Contemporary Romance

Review: Buns

Buns by Alice Clayton
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Alice Clayton adds another delightful read to her collection. Wildly witty and fun, full of heat and heart.

The extremely independent, career oriented Clara Morgan has worked hard to earn her success as a hotel consultant specializing in revitalizing old hotels. That’s not to say she comes in tearing down the old to bring in the new. On the contrary, being a foster kid without roots and customs of her own, she’s loves knowing about a hotel’s history and traditions in order to bring them into this century. She just needs to prove this to the very traditional and difficult future owner of Bryant Mountain House.

Archie Bryant cannot fathom how a rebranding expert will preserve his family’s one hundred and fifty year old traditions and he’s prepared to fight her on everything, until those fights explode into delicious fireworks and Clara’s ideas start showing results. Now that she’s convinced him there is a way to bring the old back to life, can he introduce her to his traditions and convince her to set roots with him?

Clayton delivers a funny, smexy story with heart that demands to be read. Not only does she provide rich imagery of the beautiful Hudson Valley with its imposing mountains, beautiful hiking paths, a majestic lake and a grandiose resort built for royalty, she also brings back the funny and adorable characters from previous books and adds two very opposites but perfect for each other to the lineup.

I loved both Clara and Archie. They both have sad pasts that have shaped their lives. She’s self-confident and bossy, it goes with the territory she works in. When we meet Archie, he seems arrogant and unbending, but as they butt heads, challenge one another and give literal chase, we get to see his funny, caring and very sexy side.

But after so much time of drowning in their work to avoid pain and loneliness it’s difficult for them to face their growing feelings for each other, especially Clara who knows she’s there for a limited time. Everyone can see they’re perfect for each other but can Archie move on from his past? Can Clara give up her nomadic lifestyle?

I loved the pace, the storyline and the characters. I can’t wait to see what Clayton writes next.

Buns is book #3 in the Hudson Valley series by Alice Clayton. It is a standalone contemporary romance. Told from the heroine’s point of view except for the epilogue which is told from Archie’s POV. It has a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts taken are from that copy. *

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