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Dating-ish, an all new standalone from the USA Today bestselling Knitting in the City romantic comedy series by Penny Reid is now LIVE!

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‘Dating-ish’ can be read as a standalone, is a full length 100k word novel, and is book #6 in the Knitting in the City Series.

There are three things you need to know about Marie Harris: 1) She’s fed up with online dating, 2) She’s so fed up, she’s willing to forego the annoyance and consider more creative alternatives, and 3) She knows how to knit.

After the most bizarre and irritating first date in the history of humankind, Marie is looking for an alternative to men. With the help of her friends, she quickly identifies a few possibilities:

Need a cuddle? Use a professional cuddler. Need affirmation? Get yourself a life coach. Need an orgasm? Try orgasm meditation! Why does she need the hassle of a romantic partner when she can meet all her needs with paid services?

But then her irritating date resurfaces. And he’s not at all the person she thought he was. And he suggests a different–and crazier–solution to her dilemma . . .

As everyone knows (or will soon come to realize), traditional relations between humans are a thing of the past. Robots are our future. And if robots are our future, then why do we need other people at all?


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Dating-ish by Penny Reid
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Penny Reid books are like crack to any romance book lover! You can never get enough of her wonderful heroes, awesome heroines and the all-around feels that she elicits. Original and captivating, Dating-ish is contemporary romance at its best.

I am obsessed with this series. Everything Penny Reid writes is irresistible, with its perfect mix of humor, steam and heartfelt moments. Every time I open up one of her books I think “this is DEFINITELY my favorite couple” and then she writes a new story, with a new and original plot, an equally adorable couple and bam! I fall in love all over again.

If you’re a Reid fan like me, you may have met Marie in the previous Knitting in the city books. What you might not know about her is that she’s wholly frustrated with online dating. Case in point, her latest blind date. A complete epic fail.

But as luck, fate or both would have it, Marie will get ample time to get to know the real Matt (not the guy with in the fake photo profile) and possibly, reluctantly, very slowly fall in love with a man who can’t reciprocate because he believes he can replace human relationships with an artificial intelligent companion.

“Your brain gives me lado-boners. I’ve been walking around with a serious case of blue bean for months.”

Matt Simmons is a wonderful hero. Despite his wacky obliviousness, he’s lady-boner inducing attractive with his blunt honesty, goodness and incredible smarts and. My heart broker for his sterile upbringing, but I was so happy that he found his perfect match, the sine to his cosine! Yes ladies, Penny Reid provides copious amounts of nerd humor that had me doubling over with laughter. I wish I could share all of them with you, but luckily Penny made a few teasers!

I loved how Marie and Matt, meet and become instant enemies, then genuine friends and finally after much angst sweetly fall in love. I couldn’t get enough of their smart banter, their back and forth and incredible chemistry. This delicious slow burn kept me glued to my eReader while both wanting to devour it and coveting each word hoping it would last until the next Reid release.

There are so many great things to share about this book that I would need an entire different post to wax poetic and list all the reasons why every romance lover should read it, from Penny’s very informative epigraphs, to the way she tackles the matter of loneliness and humanity’s need for companionship, to the wonderful character development of past, present and future protagonists. Reading about this wonderful group of ladies who have knitting in common but are united by ties that go beyond friendship is a guaranteed way to warm your heart and bring a huge smile to your face.

“Nothing you say is going to make me stop loving you.”
“What if I told you I was a Slytherin?”
“I would still love you.”

Dating-ish is book #6, an incredible addition to the Knitting in the City series by Penny Reid. It is a standalone contemporary smart romance. It is touching, heartfelt, full of wit, fun and sexy moments. Told from the heroine’s points of view with a happy ending.


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Meet Penny Reid:

Penny Reid is the USA Today Bestselling Author of the Winston Brothers and Knitting in the City series. When she’s not immersed in penning smart romances, Penny works in the biotech industry as a researcher. She’s also a full time mom to three diminutive adults, wife, daughter, knitter, crocheter, sewer, general crafter, and thought ninja.


Connect with Penny:



Twitter: @ReidRomance


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