Review: Betting the Bad Boy

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Betting the Bad Boy
Betting the Bad Boy by Stefanie London
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This delightfully entertaining read will bring a smile with its flirty, sexy and fun protagonists.

“You think you’re so charming.” She folded her arms across her chest…
“But I hate to break it to you, I’m immune.”

Paige Thomas had a life plan to achieve perfect happiness. She was unwilling the deviate from it until she losses her dream job because she unwisely mixes business with pleasure and now Paige desperately needs to find a job to help her stay afloat in the big city otherwise she’ll have to go back to her small town home. Rather than face defeat, she takes a barista job under the management of sexy Noah Reid. Can she resist from blurring lines and stray further from her grand plan?

Noah would like nothing more than to keep his life simple, unattached and free from big responsibilities. Raised in foster care, he’s afraid of letting down and being let down. But when his best friend leaves his bar to Noah’s care for a month he has no other choice but to hire help in the form of a gorgeous, outspoken aspiring accountant. Can he convince Paige that being flexible and having some fun is a good thing?

“You might not be looking for it, but you want it. I’d put my last dollar on that.”
“You want to make a bet? Fine… From now on I’ll keep my lips to myself.”

This was a fun, fast pace, lighthearted read. Paige and Noah have some witty and steamy verbal foreplay going on right from the start which is fueled by their competitiveness. There were very few limits to what they would bet each other on, but they tended to stick with the steamy kind which were doomed to fail because of their undeniable chemistry.

She wasn’t only attractive to him physically – her attitude, her spark, her quick wit all appealed to him at the deepest level.

Paige is a determined goodie two shoes. A bit naïve and indecisive, whose mixed signals gave me a bit of whiplash. But her steadiness helps Noah with his trust issues, even though at first glance you wouldn’t detect any chinks in his delicious armor. He’s a sexy bad boy with a gooey middle. He’s protective of his three foster sisters and loyal to his friends. I liked how Paige and Noah meet each other half way, he shows her how to enjoy life without it having to be perfect and she shows him that having someone to share life with is wonderful.

Betting the Bad Boy is book #3 in the Behind the Bar series by Stefanie London. It is a cute and sweet standalone contemporary romance told from both points of view with a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via Tasty Book Tours PR. The excerpts taken from author’s FB page. *

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