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Hushed by Joanne Macgregor
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Incredible story telling! This fairy tale inspired book hooked me from the start and I could NOT put it down.

You’ve heard about the Little Mermaid, right? The story about a beautiful sea creature willing to give up her life and identity in order to live on land? Hushed is not a paranormal or fantasy story. It’s about a normal human eighteen year old girl who wants to stand on her own two feet, explore and discover the world on her own. She doesn’t want to follow the road less traveled, not the boring one her parents have laid out for her.

“Are those my only two options? Study either one thing or another in the family line, then settle down and have babies?”

After saving Tinseltown’s biggest heartthrob Logan Rush, from drowning and demonstrating she can think on her feet and is trustworthy, Romy landed a job as his personal assistant. Excited to be close to her crush—although she can’t fraternize with him or she’ll lose her job—, be part of movie making magic and have her freedom, she accepts.

“You realize that working here, seeing the magic, is going to spoil you for the real world?”

As Romy and Logan spend time together, they soon find that their attraction is inevitable. She also learns that the Hollywood effect is all a big illusion which also includes Logan’s acting roots and life before stardom. And when Romy finds out the truth about Logan which has the potential to ruin his career she must choose what to do with this information. Can they find a way to join their two very different worlds or will they follow their separate paths?

“I love you for your kindness and your honesty, for your integrity and even your danged bossiness. I love how you want to save the world, and how you want to save me.”

I really wasn’t sure what to expect. This is my first book by Joanne Macgregor, but it was recommended so I just dove right in (pun intended). The story starts out light and funny with an adorably drunk Logan and a very determined Romy, but it soon turns sweet and thought provoking, angsty and exciting with a fairytale worthy happy ending. I’m not usually a big YA reader but this book hit all the right spots for me.

❖Plot: CHECK. Everyone loves the Little Mermaid, right? The story is much more than just a romance, it’s about following you own heart, finding one’s voice and oneself, interlaced with the very real issue about fighting to save endangered species.

❖Characters: CHECK. Romy is an amazing heroine. Macgregor perfectly captures the struggles faced by young people who are coming of age. Most see the world as their oyster. Some, like Romy, want to save it. Logan is a perfect match for her. He’s bit jaded but with a great personality and good heart.

“I love his laugh. When he laughs, somewhere a unicorn is born.”

❖Writing: CHECK. I was carried away to beautiful South Africa and didn’t want to get back to reality. The author adds a layer of family and friendship that enriches the story. I loved Romy’s BFF and her grandmother, she was a wise and hilarious woman. I highlighted many quotes and lovely descriptions. The chapters flew by quickly and in less time than I realized I had finished this beautiful story.

“If you fail, you fail. At least you will have lived! A life without risk is a life without passion and love. And a life without those, is a life without soul.” ~ Nana to Romy

❖Romance: CHECK. I loved the way Romy and Logan’s relationship, it’s fun, sweet and swoony. It grew and matured, it felt organic and together they become a better version of each other.

❖Raising Awareness: CHECK. CHECK. CHECK. I can’t say enough about how much I LOVED that this book has an underlying focus on fighting for our Earth. Raising awareness, speaking up and doing something about it, all beautifully wrapped up in this lovely YA romance.

“Sea creatures eat plastic—they mistake it for jellyfish—and then they choke, or clog up their insides and die. The ocean… does not need more plastic pollution.”

Hushed is a standalone Young Adult romance by author Joanne Macgregor told from the heoine’s point of view. It has all the feels! It’s fun, sweet, and touching with a happy ending.

*** I received a complimentary copy of this book from the author via Siobhan Davis’s Street Team, and I have voluntarily reviewed same. ***

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