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Defensive Zone
Defensive Zone by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was one fun, flirty and hot read I wasn’t expecting from Catherine Gayle and I was pleasantly surprised! With Defensive Zone, Catherine Gayle gives us a fresh, new feel to the Portland Storm series.

When Cody “Harry” Williams promised coach Webs he would stay away from his baby girl after bailing him out of prison, he didn’t factor in Dani’s tenaciousness nor the intense spark she ignites in him every time she’s near. His family is depending on him to keep his job though, can he resist the sensual forbidden fruit that is Dani Weber?

“I wasn’t in control of anything.
Dani Weber owned me.
She owned ever f*cking inch of me.
And it was too late to do anything about it.”

Failure is not in Dani’s vocabulary. When the vivacious, budding fashion designer sets her sights on something or someone she’s always successful. And this woman wants a fling with the bowtie wearing, sexylicious, seemingly uninterested ginger NHL defenseman. Will she get her man?

“How could she be both cute as a button and sexy as hell in the same moment?”

Dani has liked “Dirty Harry” since she was fourteen, but couldn’t do anything about it. Now that she’s twenty she’s aggressively pursuing the older (ten years her senior) and very reserved Cody Williams. Dani is the embodiment of a young adult. She’s determined, exuberant, vivacious as well as self-centered and impulsive. I understood Cody’s attraction to the former but had a hard time believing the no strings fling she sought could be more than a scorching hot affair. But Catherine skillfully develops Dani’s character into one who by the end uses her energetic personality selflessly.

“There was just something about the way she grabbed life by the horns that drew me in and refused to let me go.”

Poor Cody, nothing seemed to ever go right in his life. From his family life which has was fraught with tragedy and big hurdles to overcome, to his uncertain place with the Portland Storm team, to his unwanted attraction to the daughter of one of his coaches. He does everything to keep his promise to stay away from her. He pushes, lies, avoids, flat out rejects her and even tries to scare her away with his “dirty” secret. The latter completely backfires on him and only makes Dani more resolved to break down his defenses.

These two seem to be completely wrong for each other, but Cody’s steadiness balances Dani’s effervescence. Besides their incendiary chemistry, they’re both good people and once Dani starts to see beyond her wants to Cody’s needs they’re suit each other perfectly. By the end of the book I wanted to read so much more about them.

“I hadn’t realized how much I needed to touch her. Just to hold her. She brought so much peace into my life. She brought her fair share on insanity, too, but there was something soothing about having her in my arms.”

As with all books in this series, the Portland Storm is a big family that supports each other and besides helping out the main couple we also get updates on some of our favorite team members and their lives. Particularly Babs and Katie.

Defensive Zone is book #10 in the Portland Storm series by author Catherine Gayle. This is a light, fun and sexy sports romance that includes all the excitement of the NHL. This is a must read for all Catherine Gayle and hockey romance fans. This is standalone full length novel, told from alternating points of view with a happy ending.

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4.5 stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via PA. The excerpts are from that copy. I am voluntarily reviewing this copy. *

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