Crave Me by Cecy Robson Review Tour

It’s time for the sole sister in the family to discover love.

O’Brien Family #3
Cecy Robson
Releasing Feb 28, 2017
RT Book Reviews proclaims that the O’Brien Family series from award-winning author Cecy
Robson “has the hottest brothers ever!
And in Crave Me, it’s time for the sole sister in the family to discover love.
Wren O’Brien isn’t your typical female. As the only girl from a loud Irish family
with seven siblings, she prefers fast cars to lip gloss and bad boys to good
men. It’s the reason she’s nursing a wounded soul and keeping her distance from
a dangerous ex.
Evan Jonah is running an empire and just moved from the lavish thoroughfares of London to
the gritty streets of Philadelphia. When he walks into the nearest dealership,
he’s expecting to find a reliable vehicle to handle the brutal winters, not a
sexy female car rep with killer legs.
Wren doesn’t know why “Hotness in a Suit” asked her out. She doesn’t expect a great
time or a night of passion that knocks her on her ass. But that’s exactly what
Evan shows her.
She also never counted on how hard and fast she’d fall. But men like Evan—good men with
even better hearts—don’t desire tough-talking Philly girls for long.
Evan has never met a woman like Wren. But he’s up for the challenge and ready to prove her wrong.


I open the door to the dark blue Explorer for Wren. She pauses before slipping inside. “Look at this,” she says. “Chivalry isn’t dead after all.”

I chuckle because I have nothing better to say. Even if witty comebacks were my forte, this woman would still have me at a loss for words. It didn’t take her long take to check my credentials or for her to acquire an impressive vehicle for me to test drive, her command and efficiency, making the process smooth.

I slide inside, taking a quick look at the interior before adjusting the seat to accommodate my long legs.

“Why an Explorer?” I ask, concentrating on the features so I don’t openly gape at Wren.

She tilts her head. “You’re a suit, a businessman, right?”

“That’s right,” I agree.

“So you don’t need a truck to haul wood or tools or any equipment.” She laughs a little. “You also need something you’re actually going to be comfortable in, big guy. And seeing how you’re taking the Blue Route to work, you also want to stay safe. The maniacs on the highway will bowl over a smaller ride. But in this, even the crazies will think twice before messing with you.”


Crave Me
Crave Me by Cecy Robson
My rating: 5 of 5 stars
A deliciously sweet, sexy and heartwarming story that gripped me from start to finish.

As the youngest of seven and the only girl in the bunch, Wren O’Brien loves sports more than fashion, is as loud mouthed as any of her brothers and is equally brave. But her bad choice in men has left her with more than a few painful scars and a sociopath stalker that pushes her to avoid any kind of relationship with the opposite sex until a well-dressed, well-mannered, mouthwatering, nerd visits the car dealership she works at and changes her life forever.

Evan Jonah moved from London to Philadelphia to save the empire his father left him. He’s overwhelmed with work, consumed by his need to succeed and barely has time to eat much less to get involved with the sexy sales rep who helps him find the perfect car and captivates him with her strength, gregariousness and ability to make him smile. Will he run for the hills when her past comes knocking or will he prove to her that as with his company, he’s not afraid to fight for what he wants?

Cecy Robson became an instant author to look out for with her great writing, loveable characters, good plot development and a story with just right pace wrapped up in sexy, sweet and swoony delightfulness, and Crave Me definitely delivered on all fronts.

I liked Wren instantly, she didn’t take anyone’s baloney sitting down, she’s outspoken and strong, smart and not afraid to work hard. I kind of wanted to be her friend. Evan is perfect, actually he was a little too perfect for me at first with looks, smarts, money, he doesn’t just want to save his company, he wants to help the world be a better place. But I couldn’t help but fall for the man as I got to know him, who can deny a wonderfully sweet, attentive robotics nerd with an alpha caveman edge?

From the moment they met the attraction was clear and they didn’t hesitate much to act on it. Even though they came from different backgrounds they complemented each other well and I loved how Robson builds their sweet and very hot relationship from lovers, to friends, to a very deep and lovely romance even though the road to get there is somewhat bumpy.

There were so, so many sexy moments as well as very tender ones I highlighted my eReader I had a really hard time deciding what to put. I’m glad Robson made great teasers!

I really enjoyed Wren’s family and all the rest of the supporting characters which gave the story an added layer. I can’t believe I haven’t read the first two books in the series, something I’ll remedy ASAP and I can’t wait to read the next one.

Crave Me is book #3 in the O’Brian Family by Cecy Robson. It is a standalone contemporary romance told from both points of view with a happy ending.

Cecy Robson is

an award-winning author of magical realms and to-die-for Alpha heroes. A double
RITA® 2016 finalist for Once Pure and Once Kissed, and published author of more
than sixteen titles, you can typically find her on her laptop or stumbling
blindly in search of caffeine.

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