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Review: Catch and Release

Catch and Release
Catch and Release by Laura Drewry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I know I can count on Laura Drewry for fun, heartwarming enjoyment with perfect blend of quirky characters, clever banter and a plot the caught me from the start.

Ronan O’Donnell might be happy for his younger brothers and their newfound happiness, as the oldest though, it’s his responsibility to watch out for their best interests, which includes keeping a sharp eye on the new filming crew for their reality TV show headed by Hope Seaver. He’s been harshly hurt by women in past and he won’t let it happen again no matter how sweet and kind she might seem, and sometimes it’s too hard to let go of the past. Can he risk his heart one more time?

Fighting to land a job on Hooked, a fishing reality show featuring three delectable brothers in beautiful British Columbia, Hope is determined to produce the best program showcasing not only the attractive scenery but the family dynamic between the O’Donnell clan. Something she knows will be an especially tough challenge when it comes to the adamant yet magnetic oldest brother. Can she convince him that she’s not out to exploit him or his family without tripping all over herself whenever his within range?

Having read the previous two books, I have been enjoying the buildup to Ronan’s story and was eagerly anticipating his journey towards happiness however bumpy that may be, because the man is brooding and temperamental but Drewry created his perfect complement. An honest and smart woman, sweet and charming, who in turn had also gone through her own personal tragedy.

In giving respect, space and understanding, Hope starts chiseling away Ronan’s defenses. Drawn to him before she met him, she hammers her way to his heart in a constant smile inducing manner with her ever present Mary Poppins/Hermione like bag full of everything you could ever need to her weird trivia facts spillage whenever she got flustered by him.

“Did you know a pig’s orgasm can last for half and hour?”

Their romance is an engaging slow burn with a heart wrenching twist near the end that had more to do with Ronan’s past but still affected them.

With the O’Donnell’s tight knit clan we don’t just get very likeable supporting characters that help the story move along with entertaining interactions we also get to catchup with dear friends from past books.

Clutching his chest, Ronan staggered back a couple of steps. “This is not just a fishing rod, Hope. It’s a work of art; it’s like the Mona Lisa of rods.”

Catch and Release is book #3 in the Fishing for Trouble series by Laura Drewry. It’s a standalone contemporary romance that drew me in with its charming protagonists and the ever original finishing backdrop. It’s told from both points of view, and has a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. *

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