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Review: Unplugged

Unplugged by Sigal Ehrlich
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A deliciously slow, warm and languorous romance.

Ivi Kert flew from Estonia to LA in the US knowing she’s be someone’s nanny, she never imagined it would be the ten year old son no one knows about of one of the biggest and hottest rock stars in the world and therefore was not prepared when faced with him, much less cohabitate with him, with both of them, for the next six months.

Ivi is not the kind of woman who shies away from a challenge or an adventure easily, but this job will require her to open her heart to these two people and cause her an emotional upheaval that will change her life forever. What will she do when the time comes to say goodbye?

I’ve been a Sigal Ehrlich fan from the beginning, loving her writing style which pulls me into the story from each chapter’s epigraphs, to richly detailed descriptions, to the subject matter which in this Unplugged’s case is a wonderfully angsty love story.

Ivi’s first encounter with her boss is anything but normal, especially when he tries to get rid of her a few hours later. He’s less than happy with her presence in his home and she’s not shy about putting him in his place, besides she’s there for his son, not him. Even though Ivi is fairly young and inexperienced in love, she knows her own mind, knows what she wants and in general is a tough cookie whose biggest dream is to go to missions wherever help is needed. She’s impossible not to love.

As for our cantankerous hero, I’ll put him in pause for a bit to talk about the other awesome man in the book. Jeremy, Tyler Lee’s son is truly adorable. A sweet boy and somewhat of a know it all who can state long facts about almost anything in the cutest fashion, causing Ivi to repeatedly tell him to read children’s books and carve a special place for him in her heart.

Even though Tyler was certainly aware and attracted to Ivi from the moment they met, it was the bond between her and his son that most assuredly thawed his cranky exterior. As they spend time together Ivi gets to know the stripped down version of the rock star. Tyler unplugged is flesh and blood human with a somewhat sad upbringing, who wants to get to know and love his son and while doing so, falls for the sassy nanny.

“I think you put a spell on me, Kiisu.” His voice becomes raspier when he adds, “And I like it. A lot.”
“I think this magic works both ways, Tyler,”

The relationship between Ivi and Tyler is slow and seductive. I got swept away in every alluring minute of it, from the struggles and tears, to the longing and irresistible surrender. They have the forbidden issues that come with a boss-employee relationship, there’s also the fact that Tyler has never had a serious relationship and Ivi has to learn to navigate the rock star lifestyle, and finally there’s the fact that Ivi’s time in LA has an expiration date as she has big, very laudable plans for when her job is finished, but the bond they form is strong enough for them to work to keep it. I can’t wait to see how they do.

“Tyler, what are we doing?” The way he looks at me is a prelude to his next words. He brushes my cheek with his thumb.
“I don’t know… But I can’t stop… It never felt this amazing.”

Unplugged is book #1 in the Unplugged duet by Sigal Ehrlich. It is a standalone, contemporary romance, told from the heroine’s point of view with a semi cliffhanger.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts taken from that copy. *

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