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Review: Saven Deliverance

Saven Deliverance
Saven Deliverance by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted to savor this book a little bit at a time because of that bittersweet feeling you get when you know you’re going to have to say goodbye to good friends and also devour it whole seeing that there were so many loose ends to tie up. What a great ride, thank you Siobhan for a fantastic journey!

Sadie knows things have come to a head in every front. The time to make decisions and take action is upon her and her friends if they want to make a difference. The galaxy in disorder, Earth has severely suffered from alien attacks, Ax has betrayed her, even though Logan has taken his rightful place as king of Saven his people are opposed to his decision to marry her, loved ones have died and some are hanging on by a thread.

Dire options, unbearable difficulties and bloody encounters await her. Who will be at her side when it’s all over?

“My life means nothing without her.”

I got completely caught up in the adventure and romance, Saven Deliverance is the perfect finale to this amazing series. Knowing this was the conclusion I was bursting with euphoric joy to know what would become of our kick@ss heroine and her band of alien crusaders though I was equally dreading its end, having carved a special place for its endearing characters and not wanting to let go.

Siobhan Davis envisaged a sci-fi plot that had my wheels spinning throughout the series, but in Saven Deliverance she cuts right to the chase, with tough as nails Sadie making difficult choices and action sequences that made me feel like I was sitting in front of a movie theater and the story only got better as it moves along bringing everything together and leaving me happy and satisfied.

The world building, character development and pacing was spot on as well as the emotion balance which includes a wide range of feels from heartbreak and pain, to humor and drama, angst and lurrrve! I loved the swoonage and steam between Logan and Sadie and I especially loved getting a few chapters from his point of view.

“Like the most amazing, scariest feeling in the entire galaxy. Sadie makes my head hurt, my heart race, and my body come alive like I never thought possible. She consumes every part of me.”

But the latter was juxtaposed by Ax’s heartache. Oh how that boy has suffered!

“This is me. You’ve created this monster. I hope you’re proud.”

This is probably a short review for me and I really haven’t given any details but I don’t think I can comment much more without spoilers and I believe the less you know going into this book the better. And even though this is the end, it’s also not, because Siobhan has three more novellas planned for this series I can’t wait to read.

Saven Deliverance is book #4 in the Saven Series by Siobhan Davis. It is a young adult, sci-fi fantasy that should not be read alone. It is a must read for Siobhan Davis fans and all YA, sci-fi lovers. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts taken from that copy. Images are from pinterest. *

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