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Review: Cheater

Cheater by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A laugh out loud, lighthearted, swoony romance about a cheater who doesn’t… cheat?

Everyone thought Lucas Thorn had everything he could possibly want. A winning personality and good looks to go with it, a great career and the perfect fiancée. Why would he jeopardize his seemingly picture perfect life by getting stinking drunk and waking up in his fiancée’s sister’s room? Everyone though it was obvious: he was just too good to be true. Ignoring the pain of that night, he embraced the label and became a cheater, multiple dater. Everyone knows the rules, one girl for each day of the week. That way no one gets hurt, right?

Avery Black doesn’t see it that way and isn’t afraid to let Lucas know. Forced to work for the man she once hero worshiped, was her best friend and her sister’s fiancée she can barely tolerate him. But he holds her work review hostage and needs her to fake a relationship with her for the sake of his parents. Can they ignore the kernel of the deeper than friendship connection that previously existed and intense attraction?

“I glowered down at his perfect face and stupid chest and sexy smile—and I prayed for all his teeth to fall out, except for one. Because then I could call him Toothclops—like Cyclops of teeth!

I’ve heard that laughter is a great form of therapy and I’m all for having a good laugh as often as possible and Rachel Van Dyken provides a real treat with this story that is silly and kind of childish that you can’t help but laugh combined with sweet sexiness.

“It was all Lucas’ fault. Hating him was difficult. Being attracted to him was inevitable.”

Without giving too much away I’ll try to assuage concerns about the book’s title and the hero’s label. Lucas had realized that he was in love with the wrong woman. His fiancée youngest sister. On the eve of their wedding he makes a big mistake and rather than risk hurting anyone else he decides to adopt a no strings attached approach to relationships.

This gets very complicated when four years later Avery starts working for him and gets even more convoluted when they try to hide his nonstandard relationship style from his parents. All sorts of wackiness ensues and I just couldn’t stop laughing because by his own admission, Lucas’ parents are certifiable, just like Avery and himself, both of whom I found endearing.

Dr. Dupper looked between the two of us. “Your hymen is still intact.”
I looked up at Lucas and grinned, suddenly feeling quite pleased with the whole situation when I answered, “Well, he’s really small.”
Dr. Dupper burnt out laughing.

Avery is strong with a sharp tongue and totally adorable. Behind his sometimes crude mouth and arrogance he’s charming and caring, honest and absolutely redeemable. Their banter is quick, witty and yes sometimes silly, and the romance between Avery and Lucas is an interesting mix of cheeky and swoony. And in the words of the notorious Lucas Thorn: I laughed and cried (from laughter) and in the end I understood.

“You’re a bad habit, Thorn… An addiction I can’t kick—each kiss gets me drunker than the first, until I lose all sense of right and wrong.”

Cheater is book #1 in the Curious Liaisons series by Rachel Van Dyken. It is a standalone contemporary romance. Told from both points of view and has a happy ending. Triggers: (view spoiler)

4.5 stars

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1 thought on “Review: Cheater”

  1. Hi Dali, thank you for you great review. Truth is I was planning to stay away from this book because of the title and blurb. That said I don’t feel afraid to read it. I’m a fan of Rachels so I want to give it a go now. Thanks again!

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