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Review: Love Story

Love Story
Love Story by Lauren Layne
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

She thinks he cheated. He thinks he isn’t good enough for her, but making too many wrong turn during their cross country road trip they finally make a right turn and find themselves getting a second chance at love in this agonizingly sweet story.

Lucy Hawkins is ready to start the job of her dreams in San Francisco she only has to get there, she only has one problem: her car died and the only way to get there is taking her family’s old station wagon along with her older brother’s best friend. The same friend she’s known since they were children, the one she had a crush on, the one no one knew she’d been in love with. The same friend who after taking her virginity shattered her heart six years ago.

“I was eight years old when I gave my heart to Reece Sullivan. I was eighteen when he shattered it into a million pieces.”

After burying his father, Reece Sullivan has no one left and his small town only holds sorrow. Anxious for a fresh start in wine country California, he agrees to go on a two week road trip that promises long torturous days with the only person who’s ever seen past his surly façade and is now likely to kill him in his sleep. But the familiar connection he’s always felt with Lucy soon comes to the fore along with their explosive attraction. Can they forgive the heartache they’ve inflicted in the past to carve a happy future together?

I love Lauren Layne’s books. I haven’t missed a single one knowing they’re guaranteed entertainment because she’s adept at writing from fun, flirty and hot, to heartbreakingly tragic, to drive you crazy with antagonistic banter.

“We may hate each other, but we’re a part of each other. Moth to flame.”

I really enjoy a frenemies to lovers story especially when there’s a shared history between the couple. I find the back and forth sparing and animosity wholly amusing and that it’s a good source for sexual tension. Right of the bat Reece and Lucy bicker like nobody’s business. The anger between them is palpable. They have a lot of unresolved feelings for each other but they also care deep down for one another and have an undeniable attraction. They’re perfect for one another, they just can’t see past their hurt feelings.

“My heart’s had barbed wire around it for a good sex years now, and there’s absolutely zero chance that the person to slip beneath my protective walls is going to be the one who caused those walls to go up in the first place.”

Even though they drove me a bit nutty with so much bickering, I couldn’t help but like both Reece and Lucy. I felt so much for all of Reece’s loss. He never had an easy life, but was happy to know that he had Lucy and her family there for him, of course he kept everyone at arm’s length to save himself further pain hiding behind a thick wall of stubbornness with a coat of hurtfulness which Lucy easily threw back at him with equal force.

“It keeps happening this way with us, and I’m damn sick of it. Push pull, flirt fight, laugh.”

As they travel through the country in close quarters they slowly let their guard down and begin to open up once again and through flashbacks that go way back to their early childhood we learn how their friendship developed and just how deep their connection is and eventually they learn navigate their turbulent relationship into a the beautiful one it was always meant to be.

“Mine. Always mine. Lightning flashes, thunder barks, and the wind rips the rain viciously against us, but I don’t notice. I’m not aware of anything but her and her warmth.”

As an aside that has little to do with the story but a lot to do with my personal enjoyment, I LOVED Lucy’s totally nerdy nickname: Spock. Yes, based on Leonard Ninmoy’s Star Trek character.

Love Story is book #3 in the Love Unexpectedly series by Lauren Layne. It is a standalone contemporary romance. Told from both points of view and has a happy ending.

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