Review: Merry Oblivion: A Lost in Oblivion Christmas Extra

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Merry Oblivion: A Lost in Oblivion Christmas Extra
Merry Oblivion: A Lost in Oblivion Christmas Extra by Cari Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I LOVE catching up with beloved characters, especially with a rocking Christmas backdrop highlighting sweet and sexy shenanigans Oblivion-style.

Simon rocking it out on Christmas Eve

With the birth of their twins, Nick and Lila Crandall haven’t had a lot of alone time together. Lila wants to be the best wife, mother and manager single handedly and Nick is happy to help out his exhausted wife any way he can, even if it means leaving sexy time for another time. But Lila’s had enough of putting their time together on hold and she’s arranged to give Nick a Christmas surprise he won’t soon forget.

And while Nick and Lila figure out how to balance amazing rock concerts and an even better family and love life, Harper McCoy isn’t afraid of some sensual persuasion in order to convince her hot and famous rock star that it’s time to add their family.

I love that Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott have made it a tradition to give the Lost in Oblivion fans more of their favorite characters during Christmas, but you really don’t have to be in the Christmas spirit to read this novella. I fell in love with each and every one of the Oblivion band members and their partners through the series with alluring plots and rich descriptions that I’ll gladly read everything about this series any time of the year.

Although this novella revolves around only two of the Oblivion band members, they’re all present lovingly riving each other and helping out. This novella has two separate stories, the first centers on Nick Crandall, one Oblivion’s guitarists and his wife and the band’s manager Lila. The second revolves around Deacon the gentle giant, Oblivion’s bassist and his wife and the band’s chef Harper.

I won’t delve into more details than the ones given in my short summary. I will comment that these stories though short packs a great rock punch, giving vibrant descriptions of the band at one of their finest concert moments, showing off their talents and proving just how much they love each other and their music that has made them such huge success even after all their struggles.

I love having these kinds of vivid scenes that take me to my own rock chick concert experiences. And then there’s all the sweet sexy loving between the hot rock stars and their wives that burn up the pages. This novella gave me everything I’ve come to love about Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot’s books that include smiles, laughs, swoony rock star goodness.

Merry Oblivion is a Christmas extra in the Lost in Oblivion series by the dynamic Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott duo. It is a rocker contemporary romance. If you’re a Lost in Oblivion fan get it now, otherwise I strongly recommend you read after the rest of the series in order. This book is told from various points of view and has a happy ending.

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