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Egomaniac by Vi Keeland
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A beguiling romantic comedy not to be missed. Keeland’s vivacity comes to the fore with witty, flirty dialogue which is tempered with heartwarming moments full of all the feels.

Emery Rose moved from Oklahoma to New York to be close to the man she’s been infatuated with for the past three years. She found a great deal on Park Avenue office space and was almost ready to start her new life until someone attempted to break into her office on New Year’s Eve. It quickly became apparent that Emery had been the victim of a scam and when Drew offered her to stay until she found a new place in exchange for light secretarial work, she couldn’t turn him down. But can polar opposites cohabitate? He’s a divorce lawyer working to permanently separate couples while she’s a marriage counselor and from the moment the meet they can’t seem to stop fighting?

“Do I look stupid to you? You just broke into my office.”
“Your office? I think you took a wrong turn at the corner of Crazy and Nutjob.”

Drew Jagger hates New Year’s Eve, it brings back nothing but bad memories and heartache. So when comes back from vacation and he discovers someone has broken into his newly renovated office he’s not at all pleased. That is until the burglar turns out to be a skirt dropping, drop dead gorgeous redhead with a sassy mouth and fiery spirit to match. She drives him crazy with her unwanted and idealistic opinions on relationships every time they argue, which is constantly. But as they start to share meals, office space and a bit of each other’s lives, they fall in an easy, albeit somewhat warring, relationship with an explosive attraction. But when Drew’s past threatens their budding relationship, will he fight for it or let her go to protect himself?

Have you ever jumped right into a book not entirely knowing what to expect other than being certain you’ll enjoy it because you’ve read the author before? It’s a pretty great feeling when all your expectations are met. Egomaniac made me laugh, smile, swoon and even giggle from the start to finish with its charming characters and sweet plot even though I had some initial doubts.

When I first met Emery I thought I wouldn’t be able to relate much with her. She seemed too naïve for the angry and jaded divorce lawyer. But my doubts were soon put to rest because the redhead firecracker was more than up for the challenge to deal with the sexy alpha male with a dirty mouth.

With a title such as this one I was expecting not just an Egomaniac hero, I was expecting a @ssh*le. But Drew’s bitter and angry walls where built to protect him from getting hurt and they were no match for Emery’s sweetness and optimism and revealed a sexy, thoughtful and melt your heart swoon worthy hero.

“You’re the red in my black and white world.”

These two were great together, from their delightful meet cute, to their semi-antagonistic back and forth to their sizzling chemistry and heart melting happy ever after. I highlighted cute, funny or sweet in every other page. I couldn’t get enough of them and when I got to the end I remembered Jane Austen and her quote “If a book is well written I always find it too short.”

Egomaniac is a standalone contemporary romance by author Vi Keeland told from both points of view. If you like feel good rom-coms full of laugher and wit this is a good book for you.

4.5 Captain Prolactinator stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via InkSlinger PR. The excerpts taken from author’s FB page. *

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