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Giving It All
Giving It All by Christi Barth
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A great romantic escape to curl up with!

For the past ten years Logan Marsh has sacrificed family and friends to help those in. Knowing he’s on call for the next disaster to any part of the planet has also limited him to no-strings, casual relationships which worked well for him until he got stuck on a tropical island and ran into his high-school crush. Connecting like never before they enjoy their time together until family duties call him back. Will she be Logan’s big regret or will fate give them another chance?

Brooke Gallagher loved her teaching job until a heartbreaking tragedy pushed her to quit and get away while she found something else to do. And while her serendipitous reconnection with Logan was fiery hot, he was clear they could have no future because the dedication to his help and rescue missions took him all over the world for long periods of time. But as they’re both back in D.C. they can figure out their own issues while keeping each other good company, right? What happens though when they realize they’re both falling in love? Can it be enough?

Christi Barth provides just the right blend of sweet, sexy and fun in Giving It All. This is the third installment in the Naked Men series which is based on a premise I find very original. Five teenage friends forget a stronger bond after they manage to stay alive after a tragic accident. During ten years they stayed in contact through their Naked Men blog in which they shared between themselves and the world whatever troubled them. They each have their own successful careers but live together now continuing their amazing friendship along with a live podcast of their blog.

Even though we knew about him, because his a disaster recovery specialist we hadn’t really met Logan before this book. He’s a great hero and not just because he’s drop dead gorgeous. He has all sorts of emotional layers. He tries to be a good friend and son. Wants to be a good brother. He’s definitely selfless and wants to make a difference. But he also faces death, destruction and loss. The latter being easy to forget because he made me laugh with his cheesy but romantic analogies…

“You called me onion dip…”
“It means you’re irresistible… It means that even when my heat tells me that I’ve had enough of you, that I should step away, I can’t. I need more. I crave me.”

and flat out swoon and sigh when he took Brooke out on thoughtful dates and let out all his emotions…

“I can’t stay away from you. Can’t stop thinking about you. Can’t stop craving you. Can’t stop wanting to share things with you. I can’t stop falling deeper and deeper for you. I don’t understand it, I don’t know how to deal with it. But I cannot resist you.”

Brooke was also pretty great. She’s easy going yet strong, understanding, and nurturing. All requirements for teaching teens but also a perfect fit for someone whose mother was cold and uncaring. I really liked how she saw beyond the hero and into the man that needed some TLC of his own but stayed strong in her belief that she deserved a man that prioritized her.

I enjoyed Brooke and Logan’s easy back and forth that came from their long history and their progression from friends to lovers. Of course they had a big roadblock to overcome. Logan had good reason for being afraid of letting people in. But he figured it out with the help from his friends and his love for Brooke.

“We’re all scared of losing someone we love. But the real loss is if you don’t let yourself be happy. If you don’t let yourself experience true love.”

Also a treat was catching up with the rest of the Naked Men, their significant others and other friends who we’ve met along the way. I’m eager to see what happens with Chloe and Griffin as well as get to know the rest of the gang.

Giving It All is book #3 in the Naked Men series by Christi Barth. It is a standalone contemporary romance. Told from both points of view and has a happy ending.

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4.5 light, fun, sweet and sexy stars

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