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Review: Finding Kyle

Finding Kyle
Finding Kyle by Sawyer Bennett

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A quirky, sweet and sexy story about redemption and love.

Kyle Sommerville is responsible for bringing down one of the biggest most atrocious MC clubs dealing in arms, drugs and sex slaves but at the cost of his soul. He’s not only seen but done thing he’ll never be able to forget, much less forgive himself for. At least it’s almost over and all he has to do is keep to himself and hide out for a few months while the trial begins and he testifies. It should be fairly easy compared to what he’s done during the last years, he just never counted on the effervescent, pushy and beautiful neighbor who’s crawled underneath his skin.

“You’re sort of vague,” she points out.
“And taciturn.”
“Also true.”
“Yeah… there’s a story there. But don’t worry. I won’t prod at you too much. I respect secrets.”

Jane Cresson is done admiring her drop dead gorgeous neighbor who radiates danger and darkness from afar. Her terrible baked goods won’t help but her persistent curiosity, sunny personality and spontaneous movie quote spewing will be sure to make him smile and perhaps make him open up to her. When all is revealed though, will their love be enough?

“Go ahead. make my day. Sudden Impact, 1983”

I just love a good redemption story, especially for a character I had previously met, liked and then mourned over. Yes, I thought Kyle was dead! It was a bittersweet moment in Wicked Bond when we were informed that the man who had risked his life and undercover work to save Maggie had been violently murdered during the MC’s takedown. So I was absolutely elated when Sawyer Bennett announced Kyle’s own story. Not only do I have Sawyer on my mandatory reading list because every time I open one of her books I know I’ll be glued to it, I know I’ll also have a big smile at the end, especially when the subject matter is a broken man who, even though I met briefly, knew deserved love and happiness.

Sawyer Bennett creates a bad boy you can feast on. Of course Kyle is hot, surly and certainly rough around the edges. But there’s so much more to him beneath the surface. He’s lost in his own personal hell of self-loading and nightmares, feeling unworthy and barely human, unable to reincorporate himself into society and still underneath all that there’s the goodness that made him sacrifice his life for a greater good trying to break free with each encounter he has with Jane.

Kyle isn’t the only one who thinks Jane is adorably cute. Her buoyancy spills off the pages. She’s kind and thoughtful with a nutty, upbeat personality. She was Kyle’s exact opposite and the perfect person to bring him out of him self-imposed lonely and dark confinement. She saw his goodness and gentleness behind the recluse façade and was determined to get past his walls and give him laughter, love and normalcy.

“Jane is a force of nature that has the strength of a hurricane, and f*ck if she didn’t roll right over me.”

The two of them together were fabulous. They intrigued each other as much as they were attracted to one another with a fun, sweet and sexy push and pull that felt right. Sawyer Bennett combines this with the right amount of drama and a swoony ending that’ll remind affirms why I love romance and her books so much.

Although the story centers on Kyle and Jane, we are introduced to Jane’s BFF Miranda who is loyal and carefree. It would be great if she had her own book.

Finding Kyle is a standalone contemporary romance by Sawyer Bennett. This flirty and sexy romance is written from both points of view with a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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