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Review: Surrender

Surrender by Lisa Renee Jones
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A spine-tingling romantic suspense that had me at the edge of my seat with its fantastic mix of sizzling chemistry and romance, deception and danger, and a badass heroine that should not be missed.

As head of the underground Hunter organization, Kayden Wilkens, had many secrets until Ella. He found her under in a dark alley with severe amnesia. He knew she’s the key to finding a three billion dollar necklace several powerful and evil men are after. He never expected to fall in love with her while she was in his care, but as she struggles to regain her memory she’s also found a place in his heart and in his dangerous life. There are no more secrets between them, but can he keep her safe from the perils of his world?

As Ella Ferguson finds refuge, love and passion in the arms of Kayden she also finds the will to take charge of her life alongside of him, memories intact or not. Those memories though are not just key to finding the valuable necklace, but also vital for her and her best friend’s survival and victory over the madman who wants to own both the necklace and Ella.

I was captivated by this series from start to finish. So much uncertainty shrouding Ella, so many things hinged on her recovering her memories, just so much anticipation for the final instalment of this trilogy which Lisa Renee Jones delivers in this sensual and fast paced story that reveal shocking twists, turns and truths.

Surrender continues where Demand left off with non-stop action. Two warring stepbrothers and mafia lords have Ella in their sights, one just wants her to help him get his hands on the butterfly necklace but Neuville of the French mob, who had previously imprisoned her, wants the necklace and Ella and he’ll stop at nothing, corrupting the seemingly incorruptible and sparing no lives to get what he wants. Making Kayden maneuver the Underground to take down bad guys while Ella has a sinking suspicion they can only count on each other to do so. To make matters worse her best friend Sara has landed on European soil with her husband, putting them too close to danger.

“It doesn’t matter that he is my next breath, and that I believe I am his. It matters that exposing my past might steal everything we think we are and want to be together.”

On the romance side, I loved how Ella and Kayden’s bond keeps getting stronger, how much they both have come to trust each other despite their rocky beginning. They still have a part of Ella’s past to contend with but they’re both committed to move forward in their relationship and protect one another no matter what comes at them. Together they’re explosively hot and deliciously sweet and confirming that Ella is as kick @ss as we suspected in the previous book and them some is an added bonus.

“This man is my soul mate. My shelter in every storm I will ever face, and In all the ones I now relive.”

This last book in the trilogy had many loose ends to tie which it did. With its complex nature involving the Italian and French mafia, politics and politicians, and the Underground itself, the author skillfully leads the reader through this thrilling ride, thankfully recapitulating on previous events and characters while pulling back layer upon layer that had me flipping pages like a crazy person.
Surrender is book #3 in the Careless Whispers series by Lisa Renee Jones. It is the finale in the trilogy and should not be read as a standalone. It is a suspenseful romance full of excitement and sexiness with a thrilling and happy ending. Told mostly from the heroine’s point of view with some parts told from her best friend’s point of view.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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