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Review: The Layover

The Layover
The Layover by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This is the second novella in a row I’ve read by Whitney G. The second one I can’t put down. The second one I can’t get enough of gaahh!

“Okay, Paris.” He pulls me close and whispers against my lips, “I need you to stop being so f*cking sarcastic. Right now. It’s not having the effect on me that you think it is, and the next time something smart comes out of your sexy ass mouth, I’m going to show you exactly what that effect really is.”

Everyone believes Paris Weston’s boyfriend is a catch. So much so that her family is planning a secret engagement party in cahoots with him. But she’s had enough of his lying, egotistical selfishness and instead of breaking up with him face-to-face and giving him the chance to convince her yet again she takes off in the middle of the night to the airport to head anywhere.

Little does she know that she’ll never reach the destination chooses. First because a blizzard grounds her connecting flight. Second because the gorgeous man without a filter who sits next to her is determined to get to know her, help her and sway her to stay with him. After a weeklong layover during which not only do Paris and Blake get to know each other but also fulfill several of her New Year’s resolutions while she stays at Blake’s house. Will she stay with her sexy stranger when flights are no longer grounded Paris?

I think I didn’t move, blink or even breathe once Paris met Blake on the plane. Their back and forth was fast, sassy and fun. For once Whitney’s hero isn’t an arrogant @ssh*le. He’s super sexy and comes on strong but he’s exactly what our sarcastic and jaded heroine needs. He’s also very thoughtful, caring and patient. Even if this is a very short read, he’s made it into my favorite heroes list and I truly hope we’ll get a lot more of him in the future.

“The next few days pass with us following the same routine: We work siting side by side durint the afternoons, and during breaks, he insists on reading me passages from his favorite books. Of course, they’re all erotic novels…”

I love character driven stories like this one where the building relationship between hero and heroine push the story forward. Even though the attraction between them heats up the pages, Paris is literally coming out of a long relationship hence she’s naturally hesitant to start a new one, but Blake’s insistence is not only swoony it’s also sweet and patient.

“… The best part of these days is the end, because for whatever reason, he feels the need to personally escort me to my room. Then he always asks, “Are you sleeping alone?’ ”

We also get to meet Paris’ best friend David who listens to every detail Paris deems to share including sexy ones between her and Blake which were so inappropriate and funny. I also hope we get more of David in future books!

“We need to redefine the lines of our best friend partnership, Paris. This is so out of bounds for appropriate conversation…”
“Blake was down there for a very long time—a very, very long time.”

I will say that the end is a bit abrupt, leaving to the reader’s imagination the opportunity to build a happy ever after of their own or flat out wanting further details about these great characters and their story.

The Layover is a standalone novella by Whitney Gracias Williams. It’s a contemporary romance with sassy and witty banter and deliciously hot sexy times. Told from the heroine’s point of view.
4.5 stars

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