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Naughty Boss
Naughty Boss by Whitney G.
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

OMG LOL Trust Whitney to come up with another “want to hate you but can’t help but love you” sexy hero!

More than anything Michael Leighton is known for his philandering ways, but the “Naughty CEO” moniker also alludes to the fact that he’s the successful owner of Leighton Publishing in NY. He’s also known to be a difficult superior who despises incompetence and is unable to keep an assistant for long. Wanting his company to go public though, he knows he needs to stay away from tabloid gossip and find someone who’ll actually help him. But when his advisor hires the smart and sexy Mya, can he keep his hands to himself for a YEAR and not take his frustrating attraction out on her?

“It was quite apparent that she “hated” me and I almost regretted taking out my sexual frustration on her by demanding so much. Almost.”

Mya London thought working as Michael Leighton’s executive assistant would be fabulous. What could possibly be the down side to having a great paying job, with phenomenal perks which include having to look at one of the sexiest men alive on a daily basis? Other than the fact that he’s controlling, egotistical j@ck@ss fixated on punctuality, works her to the bone and constantly aggravates her as much as he turns her on? All facts she shares with her best friend regularly via email.

“Her mind was damn near as naughty as mine when it came to sex, and it was slightly gratifying to know that the attraction wasn’t one sided.”

But when she accidentally sends him one of her emails venting about his over the top errands which supposedly kill all her fantasies about him which she explicitly describes directly to the man himself she finds herself having to not only face him but the explosive chemistry that’s been building for the past year.

I jumped right in to this book without knowing what it was about other than the fact that it was written by Whitney G. and I just couldn’t put it down until I was finished, especially since it was fast paced, fun and sexy. Of course I read the blurb afterwards and if you loved it, you’ll love the entire story.

Sure it was quick to read and I would have loved more of the office naughtiness between the Michael and Mya and get to know them better, like why was Michael so obsessed with punctuality? But this short unputdownable story packs a punch and had me smiling wide cover to cover. We get to see how thoughtful and caring Michael actually is and how Mya is smart and quick witted. They’re perfect for one another.

“What makes you think I’ll be done with you in an hour?”
“Nothing, but my boss is highly obsessed with me being on time for work, and it’s already five o’clock in the morning. If I’m more than a minute late, he’ll send me an email and act like it’s the end of the world.”

I really do hope we get more about these two appealing characters and about Amy, Mya’s best friend and receiver of the daily “@ss-h*lery reports”, too. I was so absorbed with them I didn’t stop to highlight anything! Even though you can get a feel of it with the blurb, I did go back to share a few quotes.

Naughty Boss is a standalone novella by Whitney Gracias Williams. It’s a contemporary romance with fun and witty banter and steaming hot sexy times. Told from both points of view. And for those of you keeping closer track, no OW after he meets Mya.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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