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Lucifer by D.B. Reynolds
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Not even decades, lies or vampire politics will keep true apart in this hot and sexy second chance paranormal romance enveloped in treachery and excitement.

Lucifer Scuderi lives for the hunt and after Lord Sophia of Canada requests the vampire Lords of America to help search for her kidnapped mate, Lucifer knows he’ll get him back otherwise the entire continent is at risk of invasion from the European vampires. What he didn’t count on was that the vampire who’s been partnered up to help him is none other than the love of his very long existence who left him without a word twenty years ago.

“If you’d wanted to leave, I’d have hated it, but I wouldn’t have stopped you. But didn’t I at least deserve to know you were alive?”
Oh the pain in his eyes when he said that. A hurt that found an echo in her own heart.
“A dingle line, a postcard letting me know you were safe and happy.”

Eleanor Morel met and fell in love with Lucas when she was human and thought she would spend eternity with him until the night she was transformed into a vampire because a vampire rarely mated with another vampire. Not being able to face his rejection she left everything, including him, behind. Now she’s the most trusted member of Sophia’s entourage assigned to bring back her Lady’s mate alongside the vampire who stole her heart and is now equal parts happy and angry at her and requiring an explanation. Can they find a way to work together and perhaps get a second chance at forever?

“She could never hide from him. His heart sang like a tuning fork whenever she was near.”

I’ve loved every book in the Vampires in America Series I’ve read. D.B. Reynolds keeps writing fascinating books with appealing characters, hooking plots and excellent world building. Lucifer is an excellent addition to the series making it hard to decide who my favorite vampire is.

This eleventh installment in the series continues with the threat regarding the European vampires taking over America which brings back all the vampire lords including brief appearances by Raphael himself, but mostly involving Sophia whose mate has been taken and served as a major subplot in the book, gave it added emotional boost and pushed the overall arc. But the main plot revolves around a second chance at love between Lucifer and Eleanor.

“Tell me what you want.”
“You’re such a Neanderthal.”
“I’m a powerful vampire, bella. It comes with the blood. Tell me what you want.”

Lucifer is an incredibly charismatic hero, smart, strong, charming, domineering and sexy. It was impossible for Eleanor to resist him with all his seductive looks and endearments. Elle/Eleanor was perfect for him, not just because he was her one and only love but because she’s come into her vampire skin becoming bold and b@d@ss all on her own.

Their chemistry was instant and scorching hot, especially considering they’d never stopped loving each other during the last two decades. They had some explaining to do, mostly on Eleanor’s part, as well as a ton of investigative work and action packed battles to contend with, but also found time to reconnect and rekindle their love.

Christian is book #11 in the Vampires in America series by D.B. Reynolds. This is a full length paranormal romance novel, told from several points of view. Even though it can be read as a standalone it is strongly advised that it be read in the series’ order or at least after reading book #4 and #10 in order to fully enjoy the subplot surrounding Lucifer and Eleanor’s love story.

Favorite quote:

“I’ll try.”
“There is no try, just do.”
He turned at the door, laughing. “You’re quoting f*cking Yoda at me?”
“Is that who said that? I figured it was someone old and wise.”
“Yoda is old and wise, you philistine. And you got the quote wrong anyway.”

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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