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Triple Trouble
Triple Trouble by Cari Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott team up once more to give us a wickedly hot and dirty read.

Growing up in a family who only cared about their perfect appearance while behind the façade her parents taught her about betrayal made Juliet Reece want to avoid secrets at all costs, have some fun and find a small slice of normal for herself or as normal as the bassist in one of the hottest rising rock bands can hope for. But when the very serious lighting engineer Randy (a.k.a. Sparks) and his best friend Tristan a very sexy and mischievous celebrity chef seduce into a night of sizzling adventure, can she turn her back on them after or will they find their own kind of happiness?

“It shouldn’t have made sense. Shouldn’t have worked. This was an activity meant for two, right? Three should’ve been a crowd. Except she couldn’t have imagined it any other way than exactly this.”

I’m going to start by saying I’m not a huge fan of ménage books (this is only my second), I also don’t read a lot of erotica. I am however a big fan of Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot and will read just about anything they write. I’m also in love with the awesome world they’ve created that spans across several series and reading about Margo Reece’s little sister and Harper Pruit’s younger brother was a must.

Though the story involves Sparks and Juliet, two characters who were briefly introduced in previous Lost in Oblivion books, there’s also the sexy and impish Tristan who we met in Manaconda, book #1 in the Hammered series (see this dynamic writing duo are very productive!). All three characters have very different personalities which complement each other in a way they make their relationship word.

Randy is sweet, thoughtful and romantic but very reserved with his emotions and had concealed his desire for Juliet for close to a year because he believes she’s out of reach due to the fact the talent and crew don’t mix. But once he realizes his feelings, he’s not afraid to express them including that he loved Tristan in their triad even if he didn’t have any desire towards him.

Tristan on the other hand is out to have fun, he’s mischievous and flirty, a sexy scoundrel. He loves his single status and puts most off his time and effort into his career, something that could be affected by their unconventional relationship. Mostly though, his insecurities made him worry about being left out.

Last but certainly not least is Jules who on the surface would appear to be a bit bratty and pampered by her affluent childhood, but as we get to know her we see a woman who’s unable to easily trust and was scarred by her deceiving parents, and only after being pulled by these two strong men is she able to find love and acceptance.

“We own you tonight.”

Triple Trouble is an explosive sexy and erotic read. These three very energetic individuals come together in a voracious tangle of sensual heat and desire. A small side note though, this is a M/f/M ménage. Sparks and Tris never swap spit or anything else between them even if would have meant fulfilling one of Jules’ fantasies.

In terms of their relationship, Jules, Tris and Sparks do get to know each other somewhat and resolve the initial hurtles they faced and got their happy ending but it didn’t feel of the ever after kind, perhaps because I felt as though they had only scratched the surface of getting to know each other.

I loved getting to catch up with my old friends from the Lost in Oblivion series and see the interactions between the Warning Sign crew. I can’t wait to see what’s next!

Triple Trouble is book #2 in The Found in Oblivion Series by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot. A standalone, erotic romance written from various points of view with a happy ending.

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3.5 stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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