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Review: Fractures in Ink

Fractures in Ink
Fractures in Ink by Helena Hunting
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A probing, sweet and sexy story about hope and love.

“We’re all broken, Sarah. It’s not always about fixing the parts that don’t work; it’s about making the most of the ones that do.”

Sarah Adamson has labored hard to get out of her despondent life, working as a waitress in a sleazy strip club to pay her way through her master’s degree in order to get a more dignified job in a marketing firm. She’s a couple of months shy of achieving her dreams, but will her past and the shady place she’s working out dragger her down? She also shouldn’t lose her focus trying to get past the sexy tattoo artist who’s warming her bed, but “sometimes the things we shouldn’t want become exactly what we need…”

“I like that I can feel your heart,” Sarah whispered…
“It’s all yours, baby. All you have to do is want it enough to take it.”

Chris Zelter knows all about having a tough life and never being able to have what he wants. Having been kicked out of his house by his mother at sixteen easy, he’s had to pick up his life one piece at a time. Now that he works at a well-established tattoo shop, his life seems to be stabilizing except he’s found out that his half-sister is being taken advantage of by her parents and the woman he’s trying to keep at arm’s length has called off their no strings attached relationship. She should be relieved because of the latter because she’s too good for him, but he’s realized that she’s burrowed her way into his heart. Can he become what she needs?

“Then let me in, and let me stay there.”
“If you’re sure that’s what you want…”
“It is. You are.”
I placed my hand over hers. “You’ve been in there for a long time already; you just didn’t realize it.”

I just love how Helena can write funny as heck book just as incredibly as emotionally deep ones with flawed and endearing characters, and a beguiling plot that makes them irresistible. Chris and Sarah were perfect together. I felt so much for both of them, wanting desperately for them to embrace the love, comfort and support they gave one another but felt so underserving of.

I felt so much for Chris, wanting to comfort him and cheer him on while he found his happy because felt so incredibly unworthy even though he truly deserved every single bit of joy, not just because of the way he took care of his sister and Sarah, but because he was a good man. Sarah was his perfect counterpart, a soft heart with a tough exterior. It was heartwarming to see how they worked together to get past the curveballs life threw at them.

“Separately, these struggles could break us down. But maybe if we could hold on to each other and figure them out together…we could stop the fractures from becoming too big and keep the cracks from forming fissures we couldn’t repair.”

You don’t have to read any of the books in the series or even Cracks in the Armor, novella 2.5 in the series and a prequel to this story, but I had waited forever and a day for this book ever since I read Cracks in the Armor because I just wanted the good guys to be happy, which they did of course but in the span of time I read it, this story made me bite my nails in anxiety and anticipation, laugh, smile and fan myself. It made my heart conflict wanting to devour it all at once while wanting to draw it out slowly especially since it is unclear if there’s going to be another book in the series.

Fractures in Ink is the third book in the Clipped Wings series by Helena Hunting. It can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from the previous book in the series. Told from both points of view.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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