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Rule Breaker
Rule Breaker by Kat Bastion

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

It’s difficult to determine at which point Kat & Stone Bastion’s Rule Breaker makes you see the world differently, but they do. And this heartfelt romance will own you.

Leilani Kaeloha grew up under her family’s beliefs, especially that she’d stay inland and commit her life to a Hawaiian. But that’s far from what she wants, which is to see the world and be free to find herself. She never would have imagined the East Coast “white man” who’s made a name for himself in the surfing world would be her answer.


Son of a senator Mason Price had everything he could possibly desire for except the one thing he actually wanted, his parent’s love. He has no desire to continue leading a life without meaning regardless of his parents’ expectations though. Set on facing fears and chasing dreams while riding the world’s waves, he comes across a gorgeous woman determined to bring him back to her island. What he truly finds is a kindred spirit. But can they overcome the racial differences that threaten their blossoming relationship?

“But when an adventure-bound guy, who could have anything, sits in front of a girl with enough fire in her to make every step of the journey ahead a glorious fight? She becomes the only thing he wants.”

Oh boy! I didn’t just enjoy this book, I LOVED it! I feel bad for the books that followed because after reading Rule Breaker I felt as though every book should be measured against this one. Of course I won’t do that because every book and genre is different and I’m like John Lennon and give books a chance. I sure I won’t be able to do this book justice but I felt the need to try to express just how great a book this is.

“If we don’t search out our best selves, how can we expect to give that to anyone else?”

Ever since I picked up my first Kat & Stone book, there’s been no doubt in my mind that I’ll continue to read whatever they produce. They not only create wonderfully alluring characters intertwined in interesting plots, their writing is simply gorgeous. Just as I finished the first lines, a friend asked what I was reading. I copied the lines I had just read and told her “something entrancing”

“The wave can kill…or save.
Its staggering force humbled—kicked my ass often. But when I pointed toward the curling crest, shot up from its thundering energy, then caught perfect air…the rest of the world faded.
Gravity…ruler of all.”

They have this incredibly unique style and manner of description, whether it’s a feeling or a place, that’s meant to be savored even though I practically read the book in one sitting because the story kept me hooked and flipping pages until the very end. Even the chapter titles are stimulating: Enticing Negotiations, Watched Over by Stars.

“A primal urge vibrated under my skin: to prove to her whatever electric thing was happening between us sparked hotter than something physical, that we were connected on a deeper level.”

Beyond the sharp tongued and appealingly rebellious Leinani and the risk taking, charismatically cocky Mase was their challenging relationship. Mason just wanted to find and master the next big wave, but once he saw beyond Leinani’s façade he sought out to seduce and conquer her mind, body and soul. Something that was no easy task due to racial prejudice.

“The longer I laid there, the more my mind came alive—wishing all people valued every last person. One race, a human nation. Earth and its inhabitants. Wars would cease. The destruction of the planet would halt. We’d all work toward the common goal of helping mankind more than just survive…we’d seek to flourish as our best selves.”

Rule Breaker doesn’t just involve important topics such as tolerance towards racial differences, it also encompasses environmental issues and touches on Star Wars… what? Ok so the latter has nothing to do with the two other serious matters but I’m I fan so I couldn’t leave it out.

To be able to make a better board without poisoning the environment?
“Pure genius… And you want me to represent the brand…” And by association, spread a message of conservation, protection of our planet.

I should probably tell you more about the romance between Mase and Leilani and pick quotes that depict either their sweet and tender moments, the tears-on-the-verge-of-spilling-over touching ones or their yummy sexy ones. But as I look at my review now I’m almost certain I’ve surpassed my quota. So trust me the connection these two develop is wonderful.

I loved having Cade, his sisters and Hanna make cameo appearances in a very supporting capacity as I met Mase in the No Wedding series.

There’s no two ways about it. I’m going to wax poetic about my favorite authors and Kat & Stone Bastion are most definitely on that list.

Rule Breaker is standalone, full-length new adult romance by Kat & Stone Bastion. It’s a delicious slow burn, full of deliciously sweet and sexy moments, along with lighthearted banter and . Written from both points of view with a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the authors. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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