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A Place in the Sun
A Place in the Sun by R.S. Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Fun, sexy and sweet. A delightful and heartfelt story about loss, hope and love that lived up to its title showing me a Place in the Sun by giving me the warm and fuzzies.

“To have her love and attention was like standing beneath the scorching sun on a summer day: suffocating and sustaining all at one.”

Georgie Archibald couldn’t say no to her mother’s relentless attempts at marrying her off. So instead of doing so she decides to leave London with a long list of requisites to a random destination in her own search for a husband. When she arrives at Vernazza, Italy what she finds is a grouchy, closed off loner so gorgeous it’s almost painful to look at him. Can she coax him out of his shell and find herself in the process?

“He’d like to have a good laugh… Oh! Most importantly, he’d be open and ready for love-without a ton of baggage-“
Massimo tossed his napkin on the table and leaned back. “That rules out Luca.”

After losing the love of his life Gianluca couldn’t fathom ever being happy again much less fall in love. But when the firecracker from London comes barreling into his life full of energy, disregarding his high walls, cantankerous attitude and with ideas of remodeling his family’s dilapidated bed and breakfast it’s impossible for him not to fall into her vortex. But can he let go of the past before she gives up on him?

R.S. Grey’s books are irresistible. Her characters are magnetic, her stories have as much emotional depth as they do comedy, the dialogue is witty and the attraction is delicious. A Place in the Sun’s execution is brilliant and the delivery lovely. R.S. Grey made me fall in love with Vernazza, its inhabitants and surroundings as much as I fell for the infectious Georgie and the very appealing Luca and their story so full of humor, romance, warmth and sexiness.

I loved Georgie! I met her as Freddie Archibald’s little sister in The Summer Games: Settling the Score and liked her instantly there but in her own book she made me want to jump in and be one of her friends. Just like Gianluca I found myself smiling and laughing with her. Her persistent optimism was contagious, although Luce found it exhausting at first. I loved how she broke through his sorrowful barriers with it.

“When she smiled, the world smiled with her, and more than once, I found myself wishing I was the man she deserved to be with, the one she had come to Italy to find.”

As much as Gianluca tries to keep the vivacious Gorgie away because he’s still mourning the loss of his beloved wife, Gorgie just won’t give up on him and as they spend time renovating his grandmother’s B&B they slowly start building a friendship, and what had originally been had originally started as a barely tolerant co-existence gently turns in to a beautiful love and deliciously sexy attraction that outcasts all sadness aside.

“This is quite a dress,” He said, hauling me up against the wall and pushing his body flush against mine. “Shame I’ll have to ruin it later.”

I always look forward to reading Rachel’s books where the writing always feels fresh, I know I’ll laugh and smile and highlight something witty, sweet or romantic in every other page.

A Place in the Sun is a standalone contemporary romance by R.S. Grey. It’s a beautiful story with witty, tender and sexy must read for rom-com lovers. Told from both points of view. With a happy ending

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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