Review: Top Shelf by Kelly Jamieson

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Top Shelf (Aces Hockey #3) by Kelly Jamieson

A story about a determined career woman who take her mixology expertise to the business and
pleasure area with a hard partying hockey player.

“I fell in love with you. So you win.”

When a patron at his restaurant critiques his drinks menu, NHL star Jared Rupp can’t help but want to
know more about the sexy and smart woman. After learning that she’s a consultant specialized in image
and improving said menus he hires her to help out at the Sin Bin but also wants more. Their attraction is
undeniable and there’s no rule that prevents them from having fun together, but can he convince her
that they could be more?

“You’re just afraid you’ll fall for me… In fact, I challenge you to a bunch of dates with
me… We’ll do all those things—talk on the phone, go for walks, call each other cute nicknames… But we won’t fall in love.”
~Jared to Sidney

After an ugly divorce that left her depressed and feeling less than, Sidney Frayne has sworn off
relationships and is now picking up the pieces of her life and focused on expanding her consulting
business. So when the womanizing NHL player pursues her and slowly presses for more, her body says
yes, her mind says no, but what does her heart say?

Don’t ask me why but I love hockey romances and I’ve been following the Aces Hockey series from the
start, so I’ve been curious to know more about the sophisticated, well-dressed playboy for a while and
I’m glad to say I really liked him. After getting to know him though, I wouldn’t label him as a player more
like a bachelor who’s not looking for a serious relationship because of his past. But once he sees the
potential he has with Sidney there’s not stopping him from finding happiness, not even Sidney herself.

Sidney is a good match for him, she’s caring and sweet even after what she lived through her divorce.
And when stubbornness, fear and depression threated to take over, there was her best friend Frankie to
help her through it.

I loved the character development, including the secondary ones but it did take me a bit to get on the
Jared and Sidney train though. The initial flirting and attraction was great but I felt they got into bed too
soon and too often during the first half of the book which to me felt a tad gratuitous and didn’t help in
moving the plot forward. I did jump into the Jad+ney band wagon when their relationship started to
develop into more, especially when Jared decided to play dirty in order to go after her heart and by the
end I was really glad they got their happy ending even if a tad predictable.

“Show me your phone.”
He lifted one eyebrow. “That’s not usually what women ask me to show them.”
“Ha-ha. Whip it out, dude.”

The Aces Hockey team closed another season without winning the cup in this book, so I’m hoping
there’s still more to come. I can’t tell who’s next to fall in the team whether it’s the trouble making
rookie or the recent widower who broke my heart, but I can’t wait to find out.

Top Shelf is book #3 in the Aces Hockey series by Kelly Jamieson. It’s a light, easy
to read standalone full length hockey romance. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.
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* I was given an ARC of this book for an honest review from NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy.

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