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Review: Hard to Fall

Hard to Fall
Hard to Fall by Marquita Valentine
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A charmingly sweet and sexy read.

“Wise, you are.”
“In love, I am.”

As the illegitimate daughter of a politician and a famous Hollywood actress who was determined to protect her from her father and the media, Saylor Dean grew up loved by her mother but feeling a bit insulated, unwanted and without a family to call her own. Mostly, her friends are of the furry variety at her animal shelter, but after meeting and having an unbelievable night with Hayden in which he makes her feel cherished at her best friend’s wedding she doesn’t want to let him go, even when he doesn’t remember his drunken proposal and marriage.

At barely eighteen Hayden Walker had promised his senator father he’d follow in his footsteps. After years of serving the public out of the spotlight as a firefighter and proud of the fact that he’s gotten his position as captain on his own merit without his family’s money or name, he isn’t interested in the pursuit of politics much less having to settle down for it. But when the sexy Saylor leaves an impression after his best friend’s wedding can he convince her to help appease his father? Will the secrets she’s keeping from him shatter any hopes of a happy future together?

“I want to kiss you again.” But he runs his hand through his hair instead. “You make me feel like . . . things can get better for me. Like my very own ray of sunshine.”

After reading several of her books, I can count on Marquita Valentine to deliver sweet and sexy stories with quirky heroines and alpha male heroes who adore them. Hard to Fall delivers just that.

I just loved Saylor, she was adorably geeky and such a nice caring and loving person even if a bit naïve and insecure with too many secrets. I really felt for Saylor and her lack of self-worth, she felt invisible and I really wanted her to be with someone who loved every single odd bone in her body. I’m probably in the minority but her love for all things Star Wars, Star Trek and pop culture in general, made her instantly likeable to me and provided me with loads of laugh out loud moments.

“Fire captain, right?”
“Among other things…”
“Are you in the Army, too?”
“Star Fleet Academy…”
“Kirk, even the rebooted one, has nothing on me.”

Hayden was a harder sell altogether. I wasn’t a fan of him not standing up to his father nor his womanizing and partying ways, but I’ve always appreciated reformed bad boys. He also has good work ethic and level head especially regarding his family’s money and I really liked that even without him remembering his wild night with Saylor, on some level he knew she was special to him and pursued her almost relentlessly which was sexy and fun to watch.

“You want different, as in weird?”
“I like the beat of your drum…”
“I’m really flattered, but my track record with guys isn’t exactly the best and you’re on in a long line of dudes who couldn’t handle the beat of my drum…”
“Did you ever consider that it was the guys whose track records sucked and that maybe your drum beat doesn’t need to be handled?”

Saylor and Hayden made me laugh and smile and fan myself as they get to know each other. Their relationship and plot in general was unconventional and moved a tad fast, but they both want love and acceptance, they have incredibly hot chemistry and they’re great together being what the other needs while falling in love with each other.

“We can stay just like this, sunshine. All the time. You say the word and I’ll spend the rest of my days as your sex slave.”

One last non romance or even plot related comment, I really REALLY appreciated that Marquita mentions organic and environmentally sustainable products. I don’t know if it’s because it’s “en vogue” or if it’s a cause true to her heart, but I believe that being conscious about our environment and including it in her work is commendable.

Hard to Hold is book #4 in the Take the Fall series by Marquita Valentine. It is a sweet and sexy contemporary romance. Told from both points of view that has a hearts and flowers epilogue ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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