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The Bachelor Auction
The Bachelor Auction by Rachel Van Dyken

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Cinderella retold with Rachel Van Dyken’s laugh out loud, wild and hilarious, sweet and sexy signature.

Cinderella Cleaning, run by Jane, has been hired by a mysterious man to prepare a ranch complete with cock, ass and horse, for its new tenants. But before Jane escapes her selfish, entitled sisters to clean, have some time to herself out in the middle of nowhere, she goes to a party where she’s unexpectedly saved from an embarrassing shoe incident by a gorgeous and charming stranger that makes her wish fairytales were true. She never expected her savior to be the new tenant. Can she be enough help this prince turned frog and for once put herself first?

The last time Brock Wellington dared say no to a loved one tragedy struck and his life changed irrevocably. So when his grandfather insists on auctioning him off to be married as part of their company’s charity and PR work, Brock can’t refuse. He’s no prince charming, he’s kind of a boring recluse. But when he rescues a woman he can’t stop thinking about and knows he can’t have, can he find her and convince her to trust him while he figures out a way out of this outlandish family obligation?

“Once you go Brock you can’t go back.”

I’ve never been a big fan of princesses except for Princess Leia of course, because I prefer strong and independent heroines. I am a big romantic at heart tough and I am most definitely a big fan of Rachel Van Dyken. If she writes I’ll read it. I just love the way her smooth flowing, fun, sexy and romantic writing hooks me every time and makes me want to turn page after page until the wee hours of the night when I hit the end mark.

“It’s more than your touch; it’s every damn conversation, every look, every smile…”

Cinder-Jane was kind of a pushover when it came to her sisters and I wasn’t sure how that would affect my reaction to the story, but surprisingly enough she held her own when it came to the Wellington brothers, especially the broody, moody, surly one she wanted.

Brock had certainly been charming when he first met her, but when faced with the doom and gloom of his imminent auction, having to temporarily live in the home that held so many haunting memories that make him feel guilty and sad while he’s constantly tempted by a woman who’s off limits, he transforms into Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.

They both come from different worlds but they’ve both lost their parents and are trapped by guilt and undesirable choices. They’re chemistry is off the charts, so they push and pull and are ultimately give in to each other and their scorching need that also became sweet love.

“Brock Wellington died in that moment, and was replaced quite possibly with the man he was always supposed to be. Crazed, passionate, slightly drunk on the feeling of the perfect woman in his arms… His destiny felt altered, his world changed.”

I just loved, LOVED, L.O.V.E.D… the cock and the ass! Just kidding, the animals were funny too, but who I was really referring to were the wacky, incorrigible and loveable twins, Brant and Bentley along with the peculiar grandfather who won’t rest with his scheming until he sees all his grandsons happy and in love. I can’t wait!

The Bachelor Auction is book #1 in the The Bachelors of Arizona series by author Rachel Van Dyken. This is a standalone full length contemporary romance novel, told from both points of view with a happy ending.

4.5 stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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