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Lured In
Lured In by Laura Drewry
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

An endearing, fun and sexy, friends to lovers romance full of emotion, charming characters, witty dialog that “Lured me In” and hooked me ‘til the very end.

“What happens on the boat, stays on the boat.”

Forget her imminent panic attacks when she gets near any mass of water, Jessi Todd just about tossed her cookies when she found out a famous fishing show hosted by her ex would be filming at the Buoys. Because even though he’s the nicest guy she’s ever met, her feelings for her best friend, Finn O’Donnell, just don’t compare. But how can she convince Finn to even look at her as anything other than friendly when his passion is out at sea, a place she can’t follow?

After his mother left him and his brothers as young boys, he’s never been able to trust a woman, except Jess. He’s loved her ever since she set foot at the Buoys but is well aware that getting involved with her is a recipe for disaster. Recently he can’t seem to keep away from her though and jumps right in when she asks him to help her with her water phobia even when he suspects she’s doing it for her ex. Can he put his fears aside long enough to make her realize they’re perfect for one another?

“You could kiss me again,” he deadpanned. “Not because I really really want you to or anything like that, but because it’ll show us if that first one was just a one-off. Or… not.”

I’ve had the good fortunate of snuggling up with several of Laura Drewry’s books now. All of her Friends First series and the two in the Fishing for Trouble one. I know I can count on her to bring a smile and make me laugh whenever I pick up one of her books. Jess and Finn’s story was no exception.

“Beautiful was duct-tape-covered rain gear on a guy whose three-day-old stubble wasn’t a fashion statement but a way of life. It was a man who wasn’t always sweet… and it was a man who’d never even so much as hinted that he might want to do anything with Jessie other tan clean and package the day’s catch.”
I met the quirky, smart and strong Jess in the first book in the series and just loved how she could put the three brusque O’Donnell brothers in their place, she’s sort of a fish nerd, and introvert with a water phobia I was really curious about and felt terrible once I found out the truth behind it. It was both amusing and touching reading how she slowly started to deal with it, with Finn’s help of course.

Of course I met Finn in “Off the Hook” too and I must say that the O’Donnell boys are bit rough around the edges but certainly appealing in their own way. His lack of trust was completely understandable. It would have been impossible for him to understand why his mother would abandon him and his family when he was a small child. My heart hurt for him that he felt wholly guilty for it, and even worse because his brother thought him incapable of commitment nor worthy of Jess. But Jessie was sure enough for both of them and I loved her for that even more!

It was wonderful to see how he and Jess, based on years of friendship started to trust more and help each other and expanded their relationship to a sexy and sweet romance of their own. They were perfect for one another. Of course it wasn’t easy sailing. They were both scared and still had to get over their issues and learn how to communicate, there was no lack of angst and drama but it was mostly fun teasing and heartfelt moments between the two.

“Beg all you like – I encourage that, actually – but it won’t help… Sure, my b@lls are gonna be about fifty shade of blue all night, but just because you can knock me to my @ss with a kiss or two doesn’t mean you’re gonna get lucky tonight. I don’t put out that easily… I know it’ll be hard on you,” he went on, not even trying to hide his grin anymore.

The fishing backdrop is an interesting and original setting, the vivid descriptions make the reader feel as though they’re right there in communion with the serene and peaceful location. As with all her other books I love how each chapter begins, in this case, with a fun fish related quote and I really liked how things were resolved at the end. I can’t wait for the next brother to fall!

“I fish, therefore I am.”

Lured In is book #2 in the Fishing for Trouble series by author Laura Drewry. This is a standalone full length second chance, contemporary romance novel, told from both points of view with a happy ending.

4.5 stars

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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