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Review: Sparking the Fire

Sparking the Fire
Sparking the Fire by Kate Meader
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A tantalizing sexilicious story with a flowing story line, witty banter, a to-die for surly hero and lively superstar heroine. A contemporary romance you won’t want to miss.

“She might have made her mark on his body, but he had branded his on her soul.”

Once upon a sultry summer night Molly Cade was an unknown theater actress who had a torrid one week anonymous affair with a marine who became the measure for all others. A number of blockbusters, an Oscar nomination, one failed marriage, a tainted public image, and several years later land Molly back in Chicago with an opportunity to comeback big in the starring role of a dramatic firefighter movie. The catch, she has to convince America’s favorite firefighter to endorse the film. Her plan, butter up the technical consultant the CFD is sending over.

“The elusive Dempsey. How was it possible that the man who had lit her on fire, body and soul, was also the man who could get her closer to her heart’s desire—a straight shot at his sister?”

After an on the job injury puts former marine firefighter out of commission for a couple of months he’s assigned as an advisor on a movie shoot. He’s adverse to the idea until he finds out the only woman who’s ever lit his life and heart, and feeds his fantasies is starring and producing it. Will they pick up where they left off and part ways like they did the first time around or will the re-write their story with a Hollywood happy ever after?

“Kissing her was like realizing that your world until now was monochromatic. Color sparked behind his eyelids and traveled all over his body, setting off mini-explosions of bliss.”

I can’t remember how or why I picked up a Kate Meader book the first time. I know exactly why I’ve done it every time since and will continue to do so. She’s an excellent writer that hook you right from the start and keeps you charmed and entertained throughout her stories. I want to tell you every little detail I loved about this story, but I would be practically quoting the entire thing so I’ll try to be brief.

“A primal urge to bomb her every cell with sensation rocked him. He wanted to run his bearded jaw over all that silky softness. Watch the gooseflesh pleasure-prickle her skin.”

Molly is an awesome heroine the kind you want to be friends with and not just because she’s a Hollywood superstar. She’s strong, kind and clever, she handles her fame with grace and has a vulnerable side that makes her very relateable. I liked that she was ambitious but she didn’t let that cloud her good judgment and I loved how she interacted with the Dempseys and just couldn’t control herself in the presence of hunky, bearded Neanderthal.

She poked him in the chest. “Drunk, sober, any state, I would be doin’ you tonight, Mister. Lucky. That’s what you are. A total BILF.”
“Beard I’d like to fuck.”

Oh Wyatt! He left me in a pile of delicious mush. He’s a broody, cavemanish BILF! He’s the silent, odd man out in a rowdy family of firefighters. A calm and collected man who has grown to know and accept the incredible love from his foster siblings but still feels wholly inadequate, especially when it came to the only person “capable of turning him into this beast, the Abominable Un-Wyatt.” I loved how he was fiercely protective of his family and Molly.

She placed her palms on his shoulders. “You planning to glare me into orgasm, Marine?”
“I don’t glare. I smolder.”

The romance between Wyatt and Molly certainly sparks the fire. It is fun, flirt, touching and smoldering hot. I find it so hard to choose which quote to include. It grew a organically from lust to love and I cheered them on just as much as his family did, especially since the odds were against them.

“What in the fuckity fuck of all that is fucking fucked did you do to drive your woman away?”

Oh yeah, Wyatt’s family, a total hoot and completely addictive. I want to be Molly’s friend and Wyatt’s family.

Sparking the Fire is the third and final book in the Hot in Chicago series by Kate Meader. In true Meader fashion, it’s a fun, flirty, smoldering hot, standalone contemporary romance with a delicious alpha male, a vivacious heroine and a back and forth guaranteed to make you smile. Told from both points of view with a swoon worthy happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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