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Review: Wicked Bond

Wicked Bond
Wicked Bond by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

A mouthwateringly seductive, sweet and sexy read with a gritty and gripping backdrop that had my complete and utter attention.

Bridger Payne is the fantasy every woman wants but no one can truly have. He’ll dole out pain and pleasure in his sex clubs and even participate but he’ll never fully engage with anyone because he won’t let anyone but demons keep him company until Maggie was literally left on his doorstep for him to look after. Something he reluctantly agrees to because he never expect she would be his undoing.

I have extremely contrasting feelings about this book. Mainly because on one side of the spectrum I couldn’t wait to read about Bridger and get to peel those complex layers of him, but on the other hand not wanting it to get here because it’s the last story in this wickedly decadent and engaging series revolving around a sex club.

Even though I’m not a big fan of erotica, I undeniable enjoyed the entire Wicked Horse series, probably because I am most definitely a fan of Sawyer Bennett who skillfully weaves a sizzling hot story with appealing characters whose lives you can’t help but want to know.

Bridger Payne was introduced from the very first book in the series and we only knew he kept secrets that haunted him and made him an attractive combination of sexy complication. Sadly though as the first layers of his story start to peel off, we learn that he was emotionally and sexually abused for years by his stepmother when he was barely a teen, prompting him to survive on the streets, leaving deep and lasting scars which shaped the way he viewed sex and love.

“Love is for idi*ts and trust if for fools. Staying strong behind an iron wall of protection is far heathier to my sanity than opening up to the unknown.”

I felt so much for this strong and domineering man who believed himself unworthy and understood why he cared so much for the people he called friends. But none would evoke his protectiveness as much as Maggie Waylon whose bruises and perilous situation and that of her daughter cause Bridger bond with her on a level he never knew he’d ever be capable of.

“He makes me think of sex in a completely different way. Not as a tool or even a burden, but in a way that makes me think it can be sensual, decadent, and mutually satisfying. A foreign concept for sure, but I still fantasize about it anyway. ”

They both try to resist each other but as Maggie hides out and recovers under Bridger’s care it’s impossible for her not fall for the tender, thoughtful man who introduces her to the true pleasures of intercourse while she tries to get past his walls and introduce him to the beauty of intimacy.

“Bending down, I place my mouth on hers, giving her a kiss that says how much I love the feel of her under me… around me. I tell her from the depths of the kiss that she is amazing, gorgeous, and sexy, and she is rocking my world right this moment.”

While their story was fraught with danger which kept me hooked, I was also addicted to the developing romance between these two broken souls who opened up to each other in a burst of beyond sizzling hot sexiness and intense emotions.

“My body wants Maggie in a way that it’s never wanted anything before. I actually believe it needs her.”

Oh and really, Maggie’s little girl… she didn’t just steel Bridger’s heart she stole mine too!

“Hi, Bwidg-uh,” she says, and I actually feel my insides go a bit gooey.

Wicked Ride is the fifth and last book in the Wicked Horse series by Sawyer Bennett. It is a standalone, full-length, erotic romance with lots of dirty ear porn and sizzling hot sexy times, touching and sweet loving moments in its plot. Told from both points of view, with a deliciously happy ending epilogue.
* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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