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Review: The Boss Vol. 6: a Hot Billionaire Romance

The Boss Vol. 6: a Hot Billionaire Romance
The Boss Vol. 6: a Hot Billionaire Romance by Cari Quinn
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A hot and shocking conclusion to an already exciting serial.

“I’d wanted her for so long that I scarcely remembered what it was to breathe without her in my head. She’d intoxicated me from the first day I’d laid eyes on her so many years ago.”

Blake Carson rose to success from nothing. Forbidden to have the one woman he wanted until the very same person who made her unavailable demanded he take care of her and not even Grace knows the lengths he’s willing to go to protect her and make her his.

“Before I’d ever touched her, before I’d fully understood what true want was, I’d understood this woman would be my decimation.”

Grace Copeland set out to get back what Blake had taken from her. In the process she became his employee and lover and slowly discovered how intricately intertwined their lives have been for many years without her knowledge and fell in love with him. Now that her life is in danger all he wants is to shield her while she demands they do it together. Can they take down their enemies before it’s too late?

“She’d seemed about as dangerous as a rainbow. A million different colors, diffused by the light. Utterly untouchable.”

It seems like I waited for this last installment forever. I could hardly wait to get the answers to all my questions and when I finally did, I completely devoured this book. Yes, of course partly because it’s a relatively short read, but mostly because it’s skillfully written by the great dynamic duo that is Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliot.

“You’re a miracle I never thought I’d be worthy of.”

I was shocked by the amount of twists, turns and surprises that were revealed and personally, it’s always satisfying when I can’t figure out who done it! Just as I was happily content by how much Grace and Blake grew as a couple, because it was obvious they felt deeply for one another, but their execution was so off as they went from one extreme to the other.

“Look at me. Look at us.” God, was that my voice? He straightened as he stared at us in the mirror. He gripped my braid again, slightly arching me back. “Is this what you want?”

Besides the big mystery being resolved, Blake had to reveal all his secrets to Grace and fully admit his feelings towards her, while she not only put some limits to his highhandedness, she demanded equal treatment in their relationship which was nice to see. I loved their journey and adored that they found their happy ending.

“I loved you from the first moment I set eyes on you.” Saying it aloud seemed like coming full circle. Like I been razed by fire, scorched to the marrow and burned clean.

It seems as though I always reserve a section of my Cari+Taryn reviews to talk about their writing and I don’t intend to stop now. Not only does their collaboration feel seamless, their prose is so expressive and has a wonderful pace. Whether their writing about cowboys, rock stars or domineering business men, their writing gets me every time. I can’t wait to read Jack’s story!

This is the sixth and final in The Boss serial by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. It is strongly advised that these be read in order. The story is told from both points of view and has a happy ending.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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