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Review: The Bad Boy Wants Me

The Bad Boy Wants Me
The Bad Boy Wants Me by Georgia Le Carre
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A sexy and swoony bad boy rock star read!

“I’ve read the side effects warning label: This @ssh*le is likely to break your heart.”

Cash Hunter’s gorgeous face, spectacular body and delicious voice has made him a super rock star. Everyone wants a piece of the rude, crude, too full of himself womanizer and he’s just as happy to use people back until he meets his little sister’s beautiful PA who seems to want nothing from him, giving him the cold shoulder and cheeky lip. Something no one’s ever done before and a challenge he’s more than up for. Can he change her tune? Will he change his philandering ways for her?

“Tori Diamond just put hunt back into Hunter and poured a little bit more awesome sauce on to may already fantastically awesome life.”

Tori Diamond has been in love with Cash since she first found out about boy bands, but after too many years of obsessing over him and being unable to fully live her life, she’s decided that enough is enough. Luckily fate was on her side the day she was hired to be Britney Hunter’s PA. Determined to prove to herself she’s over her deterring fangirl obsession, she flies to Britain to endure her new job and confirm Cash is nothing but a pompous jerk. Sure enough the man is obscenely gorgeous and ridiculously cocky and arrogant, but he’s just as determined to get her. How long will she be able to resist? Can their chemistry and connection survive the truth about her fandomship?

I adore bad boy rock star romances clichés and all! They’re practically catnip for me because there’s usually a lot more going on behind their usual obnoxious façade and Cash Hunter was not an exception. No matter how attractive Tori made him out to be, I hated him on sight, but as we get to know him we’re not only presented with a loving older brother and caring son, but also a man with a sense of humor who wants more from his career and also wants a bit of normal in his life.

As I started this story, I didn’t know about Tori’s fixation with Cash or the reason she was “putting up” with his younger sister, so I found myself not being able to understand or connect with her. As the story progressed and more was revealed and I started to have fun with Cash, Tori and yes poor Britney too, and enjoyed not just the scorching hot sexy times with Cash and Tori, but also their snarky, witty back and forth and mostly the way their connection grew as they started to open up to each other.

Not all was revealed though and certain trouble was sure to find them. Tori kept meaning to tell Cash her secret fascination with him but never found the right moment and the more time she delayed the bigger the problem became until it was too late. It took some time for them to get back to get back to rights, but when they did it was absolutely swoon worthy, hearts and flowers or rather weaving basket materials all the way up to a lovely epilogue and a really sexy and sweet second epilogue.

I mentioned “poor” Britney before. I really felt for her, but was glad that had such a loving father and brother and with their help and Tori’s found her way. I hope the authors decide to write more about her.

One last comment before I wrap up. Besides fun pics inserted every now and then, the authors also included links to youtube videos that suited the chapter or part of the story we were reading, something I enjoyed pretty much.

The Bad Boy Wants Me is a standalone contemporary romance by Gorgia Le Carre and Laura Jack. It’s fun, sexy and sweet. A great read for any rock star romance lover. Told from both points of view with a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author in exchange for an honest review. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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