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Body Shot
Body Shot by Kelly Jamieson
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Sexy, hot and sweet!

Against his family’s wishes, Beck Whitcomb served his country as a Navy SEAL and proved to himself he was worth something without their love or money. After coming back stateside, he’s decided to ignore his parents’ insistence that he take over the family business and instead used his trust fund to open up a tequila bar with his SEAL buddies. Not wanting to continue with his family’s legacy of having an empty family of his own, he’s devoted to enjoy life and his womanizing ways. Until a straight laced professor gives a lesson in explosive chemistry and then… rejects him?! Can he convince her experience life outside her laboratory?

“There is no chemical formula for sand, because it’s a mix of different minerals and particles. But most sand consists mainly of silicon dioxide…”
“Adorkable. Come on, let’s go analyze some sand.”

Hayden Miles has always been the “quiet, shy, smart” girl who never really fit in. The one who doesn’t let many people in because being available to emotions includes getting hurt. So for the life of her she can’t understand why the drop dead gorgeous bartender is so interested in her, much less why she’s so eager to risk getting involved with him. One thing she can’t deny is their incredible attraction, excitement and sense of feeling alive she experiences whenever she’s with Beck who seems to want much more than to just live in the moment with her. Will she leave her planned and orderly life?

“She understood hormones, but this was something inexplicable… a feeling like being high on a drug, like just the smell and taste of him was intoxicating. Addicting.”

What do you get when you mix cocktails and dreams (did anyone catch the reference)? A lot of seduction and fun for sure. Kelly Jamieson writes an entertaining story about two very opposite people who complimented each other perfectly. They were on different sides of the “how to live your life spectrum” and when they collided they did just cause a sizzling reaction they also showed each other how to balance their lives between work, family, friends and fun together.

There were loads of sexy times as well as sweet and tender moments. I enjoyed getting to know them while they got to know each other and slowly develop their feelings for one another, because they both had doubts and fears they needed to surpass. But eventually they get over the biggest hurdles and find that their happiness is with each other.

“ I kind of get a thrill just from being with you.” ~Beck

I will comment on a couple of things. Because I liked the characters and had fun reading their story, I would have loved to have the same level of emotional depth as their attraction. Don’t get me wrong, you do feel how they fall for each other, but I also think it could have been more. Again, because I liked Hayden and Beck I wanted more at the end.

Body Shot is book #1 in the Last Shot series by Kelly Jamieson. It’s a light, fun and sexy contemporary romance. It can be read as a standalone. Told from both points of view.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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