Review: For Better or Worse

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For Better or Worse
For Better or Worse by Lauren Layne
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Absolutely swoon-tastic. Lauren Layne writes a fun, flirty and sexy romance novel I couldn’t put down.

Heather Fowler had a dream. To be a successful New York wedding planner and she’s one wedding away from achieving it. Does it matter that the bride is totally hands off but has set impossible to meet expectations? Of course not, because she’s dead set on having her dream job in her dream city and no one, not even her loud, arrogant, too good looking for her own good womanizing neighbor will slow her down. But will a promotion truly make her happy or is she really hoping to get the fairy tale happy ever after every little girl dreams of?

Josh Tanner had it all, a great job on Wall Street a gorgeous girlfriend and a movie like lifestyle, until he was diagnosed with leukemia. His girlfriend left him to go it alone and after he recovered, he no longer had the desire to keep the slick yet grueling job or lifestyle knowing that there was a lot more to life. Going against his own no relationships with the opposite sex rule, he seeks the too hard working Heather out and tries to convince her to have fun and relax once in a while. But will he drop his walls long enough to risk his heart?

Lauren Layne strikes again with her smart and sexy banter that kept me smiling, laughing, getting a bit weepy and blushing scarlet red from start to the oh-my-gosh so swoony finish. The story is fast pace and smooth flowing story with brilliantly fun characters. Heather is driven, smart and sassy with a tough as nails exterior and a sweet, vulnerable inside.

Even though he’s a cancer survivor, Josh came out a bit scathed and lost. Thinking that he should not subject anyone to the possible pain and suffering if the cancer ever came back, other than his family who never leave him, he’s determined to live his life alone hoping from one bed to another without actually living his life to the fullest.

He puts on witty and cocky front, there’s a lot of fear underneath, along with a huge dollop of sweetness. Heather wasn’t the only one who fell a bit for the man who loved his mother and family so much.

I loved how Josh and Heather fall into friendship and love. Their frenemy banter at the beginning was hysterical, their flirty banter after they got over the bickering was deliciously hot and while they were trying to figure out that they had fallen completely fell with them while Josh good-naturedly helped Heather plan his ex-girlfriend’s wedding so she could get her promotion. This is definitely one of my favorite Lauren Layne books and I like them all!

Having the entire Wedding Belles gang was a lot of fun. It completed the story and piqued my interest for what’s to come!

For better or Worse is book #2 in the The Wedding Belles series by Laruen Layne. It’s perfect continuation of a series that’s hailed as the marriage between Sex in the City and The Wedding Planner. It can be read as a standalone. Told from both points of view.

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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