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A hot night in Vegas is just what the rockstar ordered… 
until someone ends up married.


Found in Oblivion #1
Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
Releasing Aug 22nd, 2016
Rainbow Rage Publishing


Michael Shawcross is living the dream, opening up for his idols,
Oblivion, on his band Warning Sign’s first tour. Until an overzealous fan goes
too far and his hard-partying ways catch up to him in the form of an ultimatum
from his manager, Lila Crandall.
Clean up your image—or else.Single mom Chloe Adams is in Vegas for a rare girls’ night out. She wasn’t ever
supposed to be attracted to another rockstar. In fact, she’s in rockstar rehab,
and the cure for her addiction definitely isn’t a sexy, smart-assed guitarist
with wicked fingers.She never expects to accidentally end up his wife. Or to have her new husband
suddenly decide that she’s the solution to all his problems. And surprise…he’s
happy to show his appreciation in a number of interesting, inventive ways.Pretending their marriage is real might just be the hottest proposition she’s
ever been given.But what happens when a lie becomes the truth?
BEYOND OBLIVION – A Rockstar Romance full of sexy fun set within the
world of our Lost in Oblivion series! You never know who you’ll see show up in
the books.


Chloe moaned. Why couldn’t she move?

Had she ended up with another Johnson sleeping with her again? Jinx wasn’t usually the cuddling type, but Ivy liked to spoon sometimes. She grunted and tried to wiggle free.

Was Ivy groping her boob? Okay, that might require a conversation about personal space. And seriously when had Ivy become close to two tons? She opened her eyes and immediately slammed them shut. Too bright.

Not good.

So not good.

Just how much had she guzzled last night? And her mouth tasted like death. Thank God it was Sunday. Obviously, she didn’t know how to handle Vegas.

A groan dented her personal flogging. Not a girl groan.

“Oh, fuck.”

No. No. No.

She squeezed her eyes shut so tightly that sparklers started going off behind her eyelids. She didn’t. She wouldn’t.

Flashes of bodies grinding in a dark room tightened her throat.

You can do it. Open your eyes. Big girl panties, goddammit.

Was she wearing panties? She wiggled her legs.

Sweet peaches, she so wasn’t.

Chloe forced herself to open her eyes and look down. Definitely not the shirt she’d been wearing last night. Was that Dave Grohl? Why had her boobs had grown at least two sizes?

Because a male hand was cupping each of them like she was his own personal rock wall.

She suppressed another moan when the man’s hands tightened. His thumb flicked over her nipple and it responded instantly.

“Oh God.”

He groaned and pushed up her shirt. “Round two?” he asked in a fuzzy mumble.

“Round none!” She kicked out and connected with something before she scrambled up against the headboard.

“Fuck me.” The man curled into a fetal position.

Dark hair and naked shoulders. Was that a tattoo? Was he naked under the sheet?

She didn’t wait to find out. She leaped off the bed. Not her hotel room. This one was bigger with only one bed. A lake-sized mattress with tangled white sheets.

She was going to be sick. She lunged for the bathroom, slamming the door and locking it before she skidded in front of the toilet. Her stomach revolted until there was nothing but dry heaves shuddering through her.

“Are you all right?”

No, she wasn’t all right. She’d awakened in a strange hotel room with a strange man. She gripped the edge of the bowl, frowning as something clicked against the porcelain.

She pulled shaking fingers away and flushed, then stumbled to the sink.

Her eyes were bloodshot, her pupils absolutely huge. Blindly, she fumbled with the faucet, causing another clink of metal against metal. She stuck her head under the spray to rinse away the sick.

She needed eight toothbrushes and a magic eraser for her brain.

Actually, not so much on the erasing because she couldn’t remember a damn thing.

How had she ended up here?

Why couldn’t she remember?

Where the hell was her phone?

Auto-pilot kicked in as she pumped soap on her hands. Metal clicked against metal. She still had on Snake’s ring. She couldn’t seem to take it off, but she’d moved it to her right hand.

That was only one hand.

Something flashed on her left hand.

On her ring finger.


Bedded Bliss
Bedded Bliss by Cari Quinn
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Bedded bliss is like a hot fudge Sunday. It’s deliciously hot and sweet and all sorts of great.

Entertainment capital of the world? Sure, why not! But for Michael Shawcross and Chloe Adams it’s the marriage capital of the world even if they don’t remember.

Michael and his band may not be the biggest sensation yet, but they’re building momentum and getting there. His rock star lifestyle have certainly garnered press, but that’s something he’d rather do without. Opening for bands like Oblivion and playing alongside his friends and brother is what really matters. And when the most beautiful woman in the world is enraptured by his performance everything takes on a new meaning because the chemistry between them is so potent he’ll do anything to keep her, even when she comes as a two for one package.

Taking advantage of an atypical baby free weekend, Chloe Adams heads to Vegas with her friends for some fun. She never would have imagined that while there she’d be hopelessly attracted to a rock star, something she swore would never happen again after her fiancée past away. Especially not the smart-ass guitarist from Warning Sign. But after a night of too much alcohol she wakes up with a huge rock on her finger. What’s even more shocking is her new husband’s desire to stick it out. Can they actually make it work and find their happy ever after?

I started out reading Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott almost by accident. But it certainly wasn’t chance that has made me come back for more over and over again. I fell hard for their skilled writing. Their incredible descriptions especially the ones that have to do with music which automatically transport me to the best concerts ever. I also relish the plots and characters, especially the interaction between all the interconnecting characters in a series and crossovers which makes them not only family but also dear friends I love to visit. Bedded Bliss is no exception to any of this. We get cameos from Harper, Jazz, Nick and of course Lila along with this entirely new band of guys and girls I can’t wait to get to know.

Michael Shawcross is definitely going on my book boyfriend list. I had met him briefly in the Lost in Oblivion series and thought of him as Lila’s too young, bratty stepson. A few years later though, he’s still young and maybe a little lost, but he’s one of the sweetest and kind hearted dirty talker I’ve ever met. I loved how loyal and devoted he is. How he took responsibility for his actions and made the most of it.

Chloe is a hardworking and devoted mother of a cute, rambunctious toddler. Even though she had made mistakes in the past she now has a shining guiding light, her baby boy. So I understand her reluctance to let a known bad boy rock star into her life when it was a rock star that left her as a single mother.

Watching them fall in love was though was super sweet. Even when the timeline wasn’t exactly normal and they seemed to come from different worlds, they found in each other what they needed. Michael never having a caring family of his own and two parents who desecrated their wedding vows, is determination to have Chloe and Axl be a part of his life, to make her see that they could be a happy family, that he could be a good and trustworthy father to her son and a reliable husband to her was totally swoon worthy, and I haven’t even mentioned the delectable sexy times!

Bedded Bliss is kickoff book #1 in the Found in Oblivion series by Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott and a spinoff of the Lost in Oblivion series. It’s a scorching hot and sweet read perfect for any rock romance lover. It’s told from alternating points of view with a happy ending.

4.5 stars

Authors’ pinterest board for the book->…
Authors’ pinterest board for the series ->…

USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn likes
music and men, so she figured why not write about both? When she’s not writing,
she’s screaming at men’s college basketball games on TV, playing her music too
loud or causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.
USA Today bestselling author Taryn Elliott is
obsessed with rock stars, men, and her unending playlists–maximizing these
things seemed like a very good idea. When she’s not writing, she’s losing hours
to hot men on TV, and/or a graphic design project. Multitasking is her middle
name.They decided to combine forces and found that hey…this writing deal is even
more awesome when you collaborate with your best friend.
And so Lost in Oblivion was born.


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