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Review: The Heir and the Human

The Heir and the Human
The Heir and the Human by Siobhan Davis
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

This story of two souls that were never meant to be is absolutely swoony and sweet, and breathtakingly sad. I devoured it loving every minute until the bittersweet end.

What would you do to keep the only person who’s ever loved you in your life? Even knowing she doesn’t belong to you and that her destiny lies somewhere else with someone else?

“I couldn’t shake the feeling that you had taken something of mine. Something you had no right to.” ~ Logan

Griselda, cruel mother to Ax and heinous ruler of the Tor, kidnapped Sadie from her human home and for years experimented, conditioned and trained her for her own evil plan to rule the galaxy. What Griselda didn’t plan on was for her own son to care so deeply for the human. Will their love hinder her scheme?

Axton has lived a sad, lonely life, knowing he was nothing but a disappointment to his mother until he met Sadie. She brought light, happiness and love to his otherwise dreary reality and after years their friendship grew to something much more and now he’ll do anything to protect her and preserve their love. Can he outmaneuver his mother before she’s taken from him?

“I don’t think a lifetime will ever be enough with a girl like Sadie.”

I met Axton in Saven: Denial, novella #2.5 in the series and got to know more about him and his relationship with Sadie in Saven: Defiance and even after reading this story from his perspective I’m not sure what he’ll do in the series’ conclusion. I am certain of several things though. I despise Griselda, which in itself is great because it manifests good characterization. My heart shattered for Ax and I hope against hope he’ll be able to find the happiness he deserves.

“Gaining a conscience because of my love for Sadie has shown me the strength of compassion, the power of empathy, and the intelligence of thinking things through before reacting.”

After reading the previous books in the series, this story’s plot wasn’t a complete surprise. What was a revelation was the level of understanding and attachment I developed for Ax. I hurt with his self-deprecation and couldn’t believe how cruel and unfair his life was, he just keeps drawing the short straw in everything and it wouldn’t be farfetched if desperation took him to the dark side, which would be truly sad. But he did get to experience love and happiness.

“Desperation has ruined me. And I walked into its inviting embrace with open arms.”

Even though I’m 100% team Logan, Siobhán expertly crafts an emotional rollercoaster story in which Ax and Sadie’s love blooms and is completely endearing. I adored reading this novella, the writing is fabulous and if I was invested in the characters and series before I can’t describe how much I love it now.
I can’t wait to see how Siobhán ties loose ends!!

“Her love has the power to repair all the damage Mother has done. To mold and reshape me so that I can be the man I’ve always hope I could be. A man others would follow. A man worthy of such a special girl. A man I can be proud of. Sadie’s love give me the courage to fight for that man.”

The Heir and The Human is novella 3.1 in the Saven sci-fi YA series by Siobhan Davis. It is an optional read in the series and could be read as a standalone but it’s highly encouraged to read the entire series thus far. Told from Ax’s point of view it related his and Sadie’s back story. It has a cliffhanger ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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