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What About Coloring?

Hi everyone!  I’ve wanted to do special feature on coloring books here for ages. They are so trendy and have become a passion of mine!

If you have started coloring, or you are planning to do so, I am going to recommend coloring books, markers and colored pencils and post several coloring pages for free, which I found on the internet, but took a while, hence I am going to save you the effort!

If you want an image just right click on your mouse and choose save file! Then you can print and color as you wish.


First of all, I do encourage you to get a good set of markers and colored pencils. Why? Because when you start coloring you will see that not all markers and colors are very good, and your designs will look way better with a good set of both. All of these are not very expensive and are of great quality. I promise, you will love them.

bicsBic Marking permanent markers. These are awesome. You color with these and you will not see lines and they don’t run. The only downside of permanent markers or any other markers is that they spot the back of the page, so if you use books that are printed on both sides, you will always mess up the back. (I never buy books printed on both sides)


Sharpie Markers. These come in a variety of color and available in fine point and regular. They are also permanent, but you can do lots of things with them. Colors are super bright! They also spot the paper in the back so beware.


Other markers I use, but these are more professional, are the Prismacolor Premier Dual Tip Markers. When you learn how to use them, you can do amazing things like color blending, and shadowing. They are also great for coloring faces, skin, manga, etc. You can get them on Amazon for a good price or at Michaels using a coupon (Amazon tends to be cheaper though)

And, colored pencils, you must definetly invest in Prismacolor Premier Colored Pencils  or if on a budget some Faber Castell.

Crayola pencils and markers are good…. for school and your kids. I tried using them in the beginning. The super tips are really good and cheap, but they do leave streaks and personally I don’t like coloring with them, but if you want to start with something and on a budget, it’s perfectly fine!

Cool Coloring Books:

1780674880Johanna Bashford’s Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. These are beautiful. Love the illustrations, but they are printed on both sides, so they are not for me, unless I color with pencils only.



Adult Coloring Book Designs: Stress Relief Coloring Book: Garden Designs, Mandalas, Animals, and Paisley Patterns




Amazing Swirls


All books from Creative Heaven

Go ahead and try. Start with these free pages I am going to leave here for you. But before you can browse them, here are some of mine, which I already colored!


This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Coloring Pages for Adults 720Coloring_pages_for_adults-7coloring-adult-clock-womancoloring-adult-difficult-6coloring-adult-difficult-artcoloring-adult-fantasy-woman-skulls-snakecoloring-adult-paris-buildings-and-eiffel-towercoloring-adult-triangles-traitscoloring-adult-zencoloring-difficult-zen-symmetrycoloring-mandala-adult-6free-abstract-pattern-adult-coloring-page-1ki84dr8ir

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