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Rock Wedding
Rock Wedding by Nalini Singh
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I recently read that sometimes things need to go a little bit wrong before the go right. Things certainly went badly for Abe and Sarah but sometimes happily endings deserve a second chance. I adored their heartfelt story about forgiveness and love.

After growing up neglected by her mother and then left on the streets, Sarah Smith dreamed of a family of her own. When fate forever entwined her with rock star Abe Bellamy’s life she thought she thought she would be the happiest woman on earth even if her unconditional love towards Abe wasn’t equally returned. But his unchecked demons not only destroyed their relationship they nearly ruined her. But underneath all the self-doubt lives a smart and strong woman who can stand on her own.

Nothing seems to be able to help Abe’s downwards spiral into an abyss of despair, anger and grief. Not his fame and fortune, not his friends and family, not even the only woman he’s ever loved… until he loses her. Even if he’s unworthy of it, he’s been given a second chance. Can he win back his wife, the now strong and confident entrepreneur she’s become without him?

“She had to keep her distance if she was to have any chance of protecting he battered heart. Because this Abe? The one who sent her glowers and books and who dropped by to make sure she was all right? He was more dangerous than the man who’d broker her to pieces.”

Nalini Singh’s skilled expressive writing, complex characters and interesting plots have made me a fan for years. I know her stories will bring out all the feels, from the downright ugly to the sexy and truly swoony, sigh worthy moments that make a book everything you wanted it to be and more. Rock Wedding totally delivered.

“The electricity between them, the vivid, visceral connection that made it feel as if he’d been made for her, she for him.”

Abe and Sarah’s story is certainly an emotional rollercoaster. They’ve both had difficult pasts, but Abe because of his deep sorrow coupled with addictions kept Sarah at arm’s length and eventually under the influence treated her so badly that he forced her to leave him. After getting sober he recognizes he’s completely to blame.

“I’m a coward Sarah… so terrified of having my heart torn out of my chest that I tried to push you away, deny my love… But you’re it for me Sarah. The only woman I will ever love.”

I didn’t know much about Abe from the previous books and had my doubts about him in the beginning of this one. There’s just no way around it, he behaved dreadfully. Once clarity set in, I liked that he acknowledged his ugly, shameful actions, that he was sorry for it, and didn’t excuse it. He knows that he might have lost his shot at happiness but he’s willing to do anything and everything to get Sarah back or at the very least see her be happy.

Sarah reach back to undo her zipper. “Let me.” He wanted to adore her, seduce her, addict her.

Talk about having my doubts about characters and then doing a 180 and completely cheering for them. In the beginning, I honestly thought I wouldn’t like Sarah. She loved him deeply, that much was apparent, but she had such low self-esteem and settled for the scraps of affection Abe showed her. I really like heroines to be just as strong as their partners in a way that they give equally to a relationship. But then she reached her limit and after she divorced him she found herself, her strength and became this independent and assured person I couldn’t help but like.

Although Rock Wedding is an incredibly precise title for this book (wink, wink, I won’t spoil the surprise but oh boy do we get a treat regarding this) I think Rock Courtship would have been an equally good one. Too bad that was taken David and Thea’s story. But still, we get to a point where Abe’s love for Sarah is abundantly clear and is even and we are treated to his sweet, patient, heartfelt and swoony persuasion
Of her. These two made me teary eyed with their heartache, and brought huge smiles and sighs.

Even though Rock Wedding is Abe and Sarah’s story, it’s also the conclusion to the series and as such, all the gang from Schoolboy Choir makes an appearance supporting each other as they all begin their lives as a big rock family with their respective other halves.

A small note on the rock aspect of the story. For those of you who love their rock romances to have a musical backdrop, even though the characters’ lives are affected by their rock star status, there isn’t a lot of music related scenes.

This is not the end though, Singh all but gave us the title to her next contemporary story which will feature Gabriel’s brothers. I can’t wait to see where she takes us with this new spin-off series.

Rock Wedding is book #4 in the Rock Kiss series by Nalini Singh. It is a spicy sweet and hot romance about second chances and love, rock style. It can be read as a standalone with interconnecting characters from the rest of the series, although given the latter, I would suggest reading all books to better enjoy and understand this last installment in the series. Told from both points of view that has a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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