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One Week to Score
One Week to Score by Kate Meader
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I wanted to read this book in a single sitting it was so entertainingly fun and sexy and then it was downright sizzling and swoony!

“You set up residence in my heart…and have been squatting there ever since like a — a — squatter!”

The last person Olivia Kane wants to be witness to her disastrous wedding day is her brother’s best friend. The boy she had a crush on, the friend she supported while deployed and the man who hurt and ignored her when he came back seven years ago. But now he’s hijacked her honeymoon for one and making an offer she should refuse.

“Your mission, should you choose to accept it- and you will, Livvie- is to stay this week with me,” he murmured, his voice a weapon of thong-melting destruction.

Even though Flynn Cross has loved Olivia Kane since he was a teenager he knew he didn’t deserve her, not when her family saved him from his abusive alcoholic father, certainly not when he came back a broken man from war. But he won’t stand by and watch her suffer alone or in the wrong hands which are anyone else’s except his. He’ll give her anything and everything in the hopes that one week will turn into more. Can their budding relationship survive the truth about Flynn’s part in her wedding fiasco though?

“You were off-limits then for a whole host of reasons but now, I’m taking what belongs to me.”

Kate Meader’s books are irresistibly sexy and fun. I want to snatch up everything she writes knowing I’ll enjoy it. One Week to Score is fast paced, with sassy, flirty banter between a dirty talking alpha hero and a sharp and snarky heroine who have a long history and flaming hot chemistry.

He’d wanted to give her this for so long. Give her pleasure and take his own with the one woman who’d been a constant in his life forever.

Flynn and Olivia are as wonderful together as they are apart. Flynn is a take charge, domineering, cocky, dirty talker. I felt for him not believing he was good enough and loved that despite this, despite the bro-code (Olivia was his best friend’s ‘lil sister), and everything else he fought to get Olivia. Even if it was a bit dirty and underhanded, but you know what they say… all is fair in love!

“Give him an inch and he’d give her nine.”

Olivia had always lived under her brother’s shadow, her parents never expecting much of her. Finding out her fiancée only wanted her for her family connections was crushing, but I loved that she was strong and didn’t hesitate to fling snark and sarcasm Flynn’s way as well as love and understanding.

“You’re going to need more than an average kissing game to get with me, Cross.”
“Nothin’ average about that kiss.”

She sighed. “Don’t beg. It’s so unTexan.”
“Before the night’s through, sweets, I’ll be hearing your fuck-me-Flynn moans.”
“In your Liv-filled dreams.”

Back to the flaming hot chemistry and long standing history between Flynn and Olivia. Their friendship made me smile big and hooked me on page one. I really enjoyed how perfect they were for each other because of the friendship and support they had since they were young…

“You don’t need my approval, your parents’, anyone else’s. But if it makes you feel better to know one person in the world thinks you’re amazing, then here goes… you slay me, Liv. Into little pieces. Always have.”

…coupled with the irresistible attraction and love. The developing romance and fun push-pull kept me engaged through out.

“You’re so sure you have me, aren’t you? That I’m going to fall into your d!scksand?”
“My d!cksand?”
“Like quicksand. But with your d!ck.”

One Week To Score is book #3 in the Tall, Dark and Texan series by Kate Meader. It is a fun, flirty, smoldering hot, standalone contemporary romance with a delicious alpha male, a vivacious heroine and a back and forth guaranteed to make you smile. Told from both points of view that has a happy ending.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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