Review: Dreaming Up a Dare

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Dreaming Up a Dare
Dreaming Up a Dare by Catherine Gayle
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Truth or Dare? Dare can be exciting and truth is definitely trouble. Which will these childhood best friends choose in this fun, delightful and sexy story?

“Best friends, but with so much more. With everything, in fact.”

Due to a spinal injury, Pepper Winters’ career as a gymnast is over, so when her bestest friend Jackson Maddox invites her to stay with him in Florida while she gets her life in order she welcomes the chance at a fresh start. She never thought that a quasi-date and a harmless game of truth or dare with her lifelong love would turn into a new beginning with him.

“With Pepper, it was always we. Everything was shared”

I just love friends to lovers stories! They have an implicit emotional backstory attached and tend to be sweet, fun and sexy. Add up Catherine Gayle’s skill and love for all things hockey and you’ve got a tale that’s guaranteed to please.

Pepper is a wonderfully contradicting heroine. She’s the world’s clumsiest gymnast with a social awkwardness tendencies. When she’s with her best friend Jackson she’s totally confident, cheerful and sassy. Jackson is sexy, friendly and isn’t afraid to let his “Mad Dog” out on the ice. But when it comes to his pint size best friend he’s a total teddy bear. They were complete opposites in some ways, but perfectly complemented each other.

“Know what you should’ve asked me?”
“…you could ask me how long ago I realized no woman I ever dated would stand up to my idea of the perfect woman because none of them were you.”

Both were secretly in love with in each other but were equally reluctant to express their feelings for fear of losing their wonderful friendship. But sometimes blurring the lines is worth the risk because they were a couple you couldn’t help but like and want them to have their happy ending together.

“…I’ve been in love with you forever.”
“Same here. It’s about time we stopped being st*p!d.”

Catherine really turned up the heat in this novella. I loved the humor and steaminess, the characters were incredibly charming and I hope we can get more of them in future Dare to Love installments or as crossovers in one of Catherine’s hockey series.

“There was a new sense of electricity between us, like everything either of us said or did was a live wire, waiting for a spark to ignite it.”

Dreaming up a Dare is part of the Carly Philips Dare to Love world. It is a novella that packs a whole lot of humor, steam and feeling. It is a standalone contemporary romance, told from both points of view

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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