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Review: Wicked Burn

Wicked Burn
Wicked Burn by Rebecca Zanetti
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A heart pounding, edge of your seat, nonstop action story full of sizzling romance!

“My heart is yours and always will be… Everything I am or will ever be belongs solely to you.”

Simone Brighston has achieved many things in her lifetime as a member of the Coven Nine witch high council, betraying her people will never be one of them. Someone though, has done an incredible job of setting her up and is up for treason charges which could lead to a death sentence if found guilty. Given the severity of the situation, her Realm Enforcer cousins have made arrangements for her to hide out with the most unlikely creature she would ever seek out, Nikolaj Veis, her former lover and the demon that broke her heart a century ago.

Nick Veis had been prepared to be with the woman he loved forever, but fate had other ideas. Sacrificing love in order to save countless lives including that of Simon Brighton, he pushed her away, but now he’s back. He’s fulfilled his duty to his people, he came out alive and now he wants a second chance at being with the only woman he’s ever loved and he won’t take no for an answer. Even though running from everyone who’s after Simone is not his idea of romance, having her wrapped around him while riding his bike is exactly what he wants. Can they figure out who’s framed her or will their evasive maneuvers provoke an all-out war between the different super natural species?

This story was fast from the word go. There was never a dull moment and I was constantly at the edge of my seat with excitement with everything that went on from interesting familial revelations to learning about new species, to all the evidence that was stacked up mile high against Simone, and she and Nick just couldn’t seem to get a break while on the run to sort through it, much less figure out the intense attraction that clearly still existed between them.

“No woman has ever been loved more than you are right now, Simone.”

Simone grew up without a father but a very strong mother, she’s independent, smart and fierce. Al character traits I like. I also understood that without a male role model and after Nick broke her heart, she wouldn’t allow herself to need anyone, and had a very hard time letting her guard down around the sexy demon even when everything he said was perfect.

“My dreams have been filled with you, even in the worst of times. You gave me hope.” ~ Nick to Simone

After a century of denying his heart, the super b@d@ss adviser to the demon realm is now determined to get his woman back. He had loved her from the moment he set eyes on her and now that he feels he’s free to pursue her again there is nothing he won’t do to protect her and convince her of his love, even if he’s a big overbearing caveman sometimes. But there’s no doubt these two burn up the pages with their incredible attractions.

“Caveman? Oh, hell no, baby. This is modern man, modern demon… all aboveboard and truthful. I’m not using subterfuge, and I’m not going vampireape on you. I’m calmly, very pointedly, telling you how it’s going to be. If there’s a threat to you, I’ll do whatever it takes to get you to safety.”

The entire backdrop for Nick and Simone’s relationship is a fast paced constant of perilous situations. One after another from magical fights to explosive bike chases and eye popping surprises which push the book’s and the overall series’ plot forward in an exciting and addicting way, answering some questions while bringing up new ones.

Having characters from the previous books and some crossovers from other series gave the story and added layer of enjoyment. And there was one scene in particular where forces on just about every front unite to help Simone which gave me excited chills.

Wicked Burn is book #3 in the Realm Enforcers series by Rebecca Zanetti who writes action packed, sizzling romances. Wicked Burn is fast and full of twists. Told from both points of view, having the main couple settled but still lots to resolve. I strongly suggest this book not be read as a standalone.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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