Contemporary Romance

Review: The Story of Son

The Story of Son by J.R. Ward
Ingrid’s rating: 5 of 5 stars

As any fan of The Warden knows, she writes the best vampire novels there are!!!

Since this isn’t a novel, but just a novella, let me tell you a little secret…. She writes the best novellas there are!!!


The story of son, is a short story involving a human and a vampire. If you’ve read her Black Dagger Brotherhood series, you’ll be very familiar with the specifics of the vampire race, but, if you are new, don’t worry, it works perfectly fine as a stand alone.


Claire, is a very strong independent woman, a shark in the law community, that only has time to be the best in the business. There is no personal time, there is no joy outside of work.


But as luck would have it, she inherits a client, a little old lady, that is almost in her death bed. And she wants Claire to meet her son.


Michael is a vampire that has not seen the light of night (since he is a vampire and can’t stand the sun) for many many years. And suddenly he is faced with this very wilful, strong and gorgeous woman, that after getting to know him just wants to save him.


Can they overcome their obstacles, and the differences in their races?


This definitely is a novella to read, I loved the interaction between the characters. I do feel that things moved faster that they should, but hey!  Even I believe in love at first bite!!!


If you like the Warden, then this book is a must in your library, and if you are new in the game, well this novella is a very good introduction!!


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