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Owned by Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott Virtual Tour

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Lost in Oblivion #5
Cari Quinn & Taryn Elliott
Releasing May 23rd, 2016
Rainbow Rage Publishing


Music kept them going. Now it’s torn them apart…
Guitarist Nick Crandall lost the most important thing in his life—his band—just as he was falling in love. A
year has passed, and Oblivion is returning from hiatus. And Nick is ready to ask Lila to spend forever with him, even if he won’t have his best friend at his side for the ceremony.
Simon has spent the past year trying to find his way back to the thing that sustained him in his darkest hours, then
grew to be his biggest demon. Margo has been at his side, but she’s tired of him denying his dreams. With her help, he’s ready to admit it’s showtime.
Perhaps he’s even ready to stand up for his best friend…and face him on the stage that united them so long ago.
It’s do or die, one more time. 
**The guys—and their women—are in the driver’s seat in Owned, and the ride’s gonna rock. This is the final book in the Lost in Oblivion rockstar series.**


“Rock and Roll is here to stay” just like these magnetic characters and their awesome rock stories will stay with me forever.

“There were so many components that made a band great. That special synergy on stage, the blend of voices and instruments, plus an incredible lead singer was an unbeatable combination.”

Just when Nick Crandall thought all his dreams were coming true, he lost his best friend and his rock band fell apart in the blink of an eye. But not everything was lost. His love for Lila, the band’s manager, has increased and solidified with time. A year later, the last single member of Oblivion, is not just ready to go back to the studio and on stage, he’s ready to spend the rest of his life with Lila.

Oblivion’s front man, Simon Kegan lost his ability to sing spectacularly in front of his band mates and fans. What was once his lifeblood became his darkest fear. Even after spending year training his body to sing pitch perfect, he has trouble going back to collaborate with his band, he can’t even fathom facing a crowd. His almost-wife and friends though, won’t let him walk away from their collective dream, can they come back better than before or will they break down trying?

I have suffered, ached, rejoiced, laughed and loved with this band, these characters and the awesome duo that created them from the very start. It’s been an incredible journey and it’s bittersweet having to say goodbye.

I am amazed by Cari Quinn and Tarynn Elliott who have produced this incredible world of charismatic rock stars that has spanned into several (I’m counting 5 series off the top of my head) wonderful series. The ones that have come out I’ve already read and loved, and I long for the very many that I hope are still to come. All of which I’m sure will continue to have incredibly vivid descriptions that make you feel you’re right in the middle of a concert or whatever is taking place with a graceful, almost lyrical flow.

“It had been like a wave cresting then rolling into shore until he was submerged. He couldn’t remember knowing her and not loving her.” ~ Nick thinking about Lila

Owned is not a book about one couple. It’s the combined efforts of a band that has gone through many trials and tribulations, but have also found their life partners and have lived incredible joys. They’ve grown and matured, o.k. most of them have matured, and now it’s time for the last puzzle pieces to be set into place.

” That was the Margo who had taken him down like a flash flood in a summer storm. The woman he was fighting like hell to be worthy of… There were only two frames of reference in his life. Before Margo. After Margo.”

Simon and Nick, the two that started it all, need to work out their issues and get ready to take the stage. Through it all Jazz, Gray and Deacon will keep cool heads and hand out sage advice from relationships and babies to how to ease back on to the saddle, or rather microphone and stage as the case may be.

“All of us can work apart. That’s what makes us good musicians. It’s what we create together that is the magic of Oblivion. And that’s all six of us.”

There’s also a lot of sexy and sweet touching times between Nick and Lila, and Simon and Margo as these two couple are well on their way to solidifying their bond to one another. I loved having the different perspectives from this foursome, and I especially loved how the plot’s dynamics set up stories for other series and also included cameos from Logan King and his wife Izzy (When you’re gone series).

“You try my patience, Crandall.” He leaned down and rested his chin on her shoulder. “Wanna spank me later? I’ll let you.”

Owned is the fifth and last book in the Lost in Oblivion series by the fabulous Cari Quinn and Taryn Elliott. Although I’ve read reviews which state that they enjoyed this book without having read the read, I strongly recommend you read the entire series in order or at least start from Destroyed (book #3), Simon and Margo’s story and continue from there. This book is told from various points of view and has a happy ending.

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Lost in Oblivion Boxed Set
Includes Books #1 – #2.5
USA Today bestselling author Cari Quinn likes
music and men, so she figured why not write about both? When she’s not writing,
she’s screaming at men’s college basketball games on TV, playing her music too
loud or causing trouble. Sometimes simultaneously.
USA Today bestselling author Taryn Elliott is
obsessed with rock stars, men, and her unending playlists–maximizing these
things seemed like a very good idea. When she’s not writing, she’s losing hours
to hot men on TV, and/or a graphic design project. Multitasking is her middle
name.They decided to combine forces and found that hey…this writing deal is even
more awesome when you collaborate with your best friend.
And so Lost in Oblivion was born.


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