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Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy by Sawyer Bennett
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Oh wow, I never thought such a sweet looking book would pack such an intense punch full of hot, delicious sexiness and vengeance!

No woman should ever be brutalized the way Sela Halstead was by unknown monsters who took more than her virtue at the young age of sixteen. After years of trying to cope with the assault though, she recognizes a nickname she heard along with a tattoo that plagues her nightmares belonging to the playboy Jonathon Townsend (a.k.a. JT), co-owner of a unique online dating site. Replacing her nightmare with a simple clear objective of stone cold vengeance, she joins the site and gets herself invited to one of its mixers. She never factored in JT’s charming associate. Is revenge so powerful that she’ll do whatever it takes to get it, including sacrificing a chance at a wonderful future with Beck?

“Infiltrate. Murder. Repeat. I will never be deterred in my revenge…”

Beckett North isn’t the type of man who’s interested in relationships. Even though he created the Sugar Bowl, he would never participate as a “sugar daddy.” He has woman throwing themselves at him constantly, mostly calculating not just how to get their hands on him, but his money as well. But there’s something completely different and innocent about Sela that sets her apart from all others. Something that makes him want to give her more than incredible pleasure in bed for a single night, he wants her in his life but knows she’s holding back. Can their tenuous bond survive the awful truth?

Sawyer Bennett is a leap without looking author for me. So when I saw this fantastic cover attached to her name I just had to read it and I’m glad I did because I’m completely hooked.

Sella’s desire for revenge isn’t a tough sell. I can’t begin to understand how it feels to be in her shoes and I completely sympathize with her. I liked that she’s smart and focused and wasn’t so deep into her need for vengeance that she didn’t recognize the amazing bond she’s forming with Beck. It was nice to see how Beck helped her flourish after experiencing that horrific trauma, even when he didn’t know it.

“He’s given me self-worth. Beck has made it so that I don’t consider myself a victim.”

I did however have a bit of trouble getting behind her payback plan. It raised all sorts of questions regarding her character development which I hope will be explained as the series moves along.

Beck is a very intriguing sexy alpha male. There’s a lot about his past we don’t know, in particular his ties to JT, which I can’t wait to find out in the next books. What I do know is that he’s a charitable, good man, who loves his sister and is super smart with a low tolerance for his partner’s waywardness.

Beck and Sella’s relationship started as a lust and lies, but with time and lots of molten hot sexiness, they’re building it into a genuine connection of affection and possible love and I enjoyed being part of their journey. Trust should be the natural successor, but therein lies the crux of their problem which makes me want crave to read their story. How will a man that doesn’t tolerate lies get over the biggest deception of all?

“I’ve no doubt that something in her past keeps a part of her locked up tight from me….”

Last, but certainly not least, I’d like to mention that even though the concept of the dating site seems to me a bit sordid, I loved the imagination behind it. Paring rich older men with young women in need of money, a mutually beneficial relationship which felt like a fresh and original packaging to this very entertaining read.

Sugar Daddy is book #1 in the Sugar Bowl series by Sawyer Bennett. It is a suspenseful, scorching read, bordering between contemporary romance and erotica. Told from both point of view that ends with a shocking cliffhanger that left me in book hangover for days. Sela and Beck’s story will continue throughout the next two books in the trilogy: Sugar Rush and Sugar Free.

* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author via NetGalley. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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