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Review: Settling the Score

Settling the Score
Settling the Score by R.S. Grey
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

R.S. Grey has blown me away yet again with this fun, hilarious, exciting and sexy romantic comedy. A gold medal winner I didn’t want to end, but then true R.S. fashion, she gave us a double epilogue!

Andie Foster has given up a lot and worked her entire life for a chance at Olympic Gold. Now that she’s in Rio de Janerio she’ll give her all on the field and partake in the enjoyment when she’s not. She also wants to know if the stories about the Olympic village are true.

However having her very married and responsible team captains as her roommates will make letting loose a challenge but not an impossibility. When she’s able to escape them, she never imagined she’d be meeting a completely forbidden swimming god who’ll make her throw caution and reason to the wind.

“I was staring at shirtless Freddie, a sight more beautiful than any of the world’s wonders. What was Giza compared to his chiseled, tan six-pack? Who needed the hanging gardens of Babylon when you could have the low-hanging fruit of his loom?”

Two time Olympian Frederick Archibald has arrived at his third Olympic competition to break his previous records and win. He’s there to do what he does best, swim. And in the process to put on hold for a bit longer his family’s obligations that were thrust upon him after his brother’s untimely death.

He had reluctantly accepted the fact that he couldn’t ignore his title and the responsibilities that came with it. He wasn’t in no hurry to be a Duke, especially when he needs to concentrate on swimming, certainly not when he meets a woman who’s unlike any he’s ever met. She’s not just beautiful and fun, she’s a breath of fresh air. But his life at the moment is more than complicated. Can they figure out a way to win more than gold?

“I needed her more than I needed my next race. The water was soothing, but Andie lit me on fire.”

Reading an R.S. Grey book is a true delight. She has perfected a refreshing writing style that incorporates humor, sultriness, angst and romance in a story with two very likeable main characters and a set of incorrigible secondary characters that made me laugh out loud, swoon and had me longing to be part of their group and turning page after page wanting to know what comes next while never wanting it to end.

Freddie’s crazy sweet lil sistah Gorgie who I hope to read more of.

Andie’s crazy fun best buds Kinsley & Becca who we met in Scoring Wilder

Andie hadn’t become America’s new poster girl by chance. She’s more than dedicated to her teammates and country, she’s a strong, brave, down to earth family girl. I liked her instantly, she made me smile continually. I suffered with her when she went through the media and gossip gauntlet and delighted when she finally found her fulfilling happiness.

Freddie is so much more than gorgeous good looks that include a sexy accent and a panty melting smile. He’s talented, charming and truly a nice guy who wants to do right by his family and the people he cares for. The resolve to hold on to Andie and the connection he’s found with her is absolutely swoon worthy.

I loved their quick and easy banter as they became friends, indulged in their undeniable chemistry during their stolen moments together and all around rooted for them as they navigated through the sad lows and wonderful highs while trying to figure out a relationship.

“I was falling for her so bloody hard and so bloody fast that the idea of losingher over a misunderstanding seemed unfathomable.”

Settling the Score is the kick off book in The Summer Games series by R.S. Grey. It’s a wonderful sports romance with the thrill of elite swimming and soccer competitions as a background to a witty, tender and sexy romance. It’s a great prelude to the upcoming Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro and a must read for rom-com lovers. It can be read as a standalone. Told from both points of view. With not one but two epilogues!

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* I was given an ARC of this book courtesy of the author. The excerpts are from that copy. *

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